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How to maintain a clean & organized home after you move

Long distance movers say, while moving into a new home means elevated stress levels and mountains of brown boxes, it also brings the opportunity to start the next new and exciting chapter of your life. Whether you moved for an employment opportunity, to make room for a new baby on the way, or it was simply time to find a new home, one of the bigger hurdles you’ll face is decluttering and organizing your new space. After all, a new pad is the perfect opportunity to maintain a clean space, ...

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7 best reasons to book a personal chef

Cooking is not rocket science. Isn’t it? That is until you head to the kitchen and realize numerous recipes need prepping and cooking. Then, it hits you; it’s not as easy as you thought. You look at the fridge, and it’s empty. There is a long list of grocery and some items on the list you have never heard of before. There is a guest list that needs your attention. Some things on the list are to be bought the morning of the party, so they remain fresh, and on ...

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6 ways to access funds for your DIY renovation

Home renovation is normally expensive, even if you decide to take on a DIY renovation project. Most of the time, you’ll be left scouring for cash to fund your project, and the amount you need will hugely depend on the scale of your renovation. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can follow just in case you find yourself in a shortage of funding for your DIY renovation, and one of them involves fast cash loans. Check out the tips below as your complete guide: 1. Refinance Your Mortgage Refinancing ...

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