friends and foes

Friends and foes: their significance in our lives

Friends and foes, though they start with the same letter, are completely different in significance in our lives. In reality, we yearn to have good friends only. I understand that only good and compassionate friends can beautify our lives. The people who we think are our enemies can only make our lives hell. We ignore them or just fight them, don’t we? But, if you believe in light and darkness, you also have to admit that both the aspects of human beings in the form of friends or foes, have ...

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repossessed car

How long does a repo stay on your credit report?

Who doesn't love driving and enjoying the shining four-wheel of your choice? However, you never know when the time changes and you are not able to pay your EMI on time. The result is nothing but the undesired repossession of your loved car. It is better to first be capable enough to be able to pay your car loans and installments on time and then opt for it. Repossession can have the worst effects on your credit score. As per the reports from various experts, auto repossessions stay on your ...

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happy couple strong relationship

5 simple truths to help keep your relationship strong

Sometimes we can start to make our relationship more difficult than it really is. We can create problems, cause fights, and even head towards breakups because we forget the simple truths that keep a relationship strong. 1. Men and Women Are Different John Gray, the author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, has explained this very well. Women and men think, react, and act differently in many situations, so when you are trying to get your partner to react like you do, and get upset when he ...

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