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Warm greetings to you, our dear visitor and friend. We are Tammy Broccas, the founder and owner of this blog and my collaborators Daisy, Priyanka and Ayaan, editors and graphic designer but above everything, all of us enthusiastic travellers and bloggers. Since you just got on the About us page, we guess you wonder how come the blog name, Curry Shoes. It’s quite simple: we love curry, we also love to travel. Therefore, Curry Shoes! It sounded fun that time when we thought of it, it still sounds fun for us today.

Who are we?

Tammy – I’m sweet, simple and motherly, excellent cook and passionate about travelling, reading and partying. That’s why, when I visit new places, either big cities or small towns, I like to discover new restaurants, bakeries and chocolate shops not only to eat some of the best food and desserts but also to gain inspiration for my own work back in the kitchen, the place where magic is delicious.

Daisy – A stay-at-home mom and blogger, trying to offer women of all ages the possibility to enjoy some nice reading time, on topics such as child care, home care, health, lifestyle and personal care. Being creative is one way to relax and enjoy a fun activity. There’s something incredible about seeing the results of your own work, of your own hands, so I engage in small projects now and then.

Priyanka – I’m a 20 something year old student in fashion designing attracted by the bright lights, the hum of catwalk, the mayhem of backstage, the fame and style. So you will read a lot of posts about fashion and style. On contrary to that I also like my peaceful corner of study table where I sit, relax and write.

Ayaan – I was born in Mangalore, India but raised in London, UK. During weekdays, I work as a content specialist for a small business in London. Although writing is one of my passions (I fantasize writing my own novel someday), I hope to someday save enough money to start my own business. When weekdays and holidays arrive, I change into an avid traveller willing to explore new places and discover new people.

What we do?

We love to write about living well while balancing the budget and not being afraid to really splurge once and a while. Here you’ll find all sorts of articles on various topics, from cooking to home and garden, from travel to urban lifestyle, from beauty tips to career advice and home improvement projects.

What we expect from this blog?

We hope that our articles and experiences will inspire you to try, learn and apply in your day-to-day life. Don’t hesitate leaving a comment on our posts, we always appreciate both positive comments and critique reviews.
We also work with companies and brands. If you’re interested in learning more about this, or partnering with us, contact us, we usually answer the same day. We also accept guest contributors and collaborative projects.
You can also connect with us on social media or via email:

email: contact [@] curry-shoes [.] com

twitter (Tammy): https://twitter.com/broccas_com

Feel free to get in touch with us – we’d be happy to answer your questions.

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