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5 DIY ideas to beautify your home with flowers

The flowers around you bear testimony that spring is all around, if not in the calendar, at least in your heart. The lush greenery and the pleasant fragrance fill your nostrils and make you lightheaded when you take a stroll outside. Your garden is all lit so much that you don’t want to go inside! Not because of major missing or FOMO, but because your home still feels like living through the last fall edition?

Oh c’mon, even the budget fashion stores don’t hold on to the last season stuff so much to make last-minute moolah. Get on with it, already! It is the season of renewal! Open the windows, pull the curtains, and let the breeze come in as you try these super-easy and lovely DIY ideas to bring some spring for your lovely abode!

Make the entryway pop!

In India, you can rarely find a home without flower garland at the entrance but that’s it about it. You can find some vibrant, unique and gorgeous planters and flowers online in India, which can be enhancing the beauty of your home. This time, make it more appealing and colorful with a flower wreath, garland and planters! Make the entry to your home more welcoming and a grander one! And don’t you worry! There can never be enough flowers as long as people can make it to the door without stumbling. If space is a real struggle, hang those planters on the door itself for a beautiful decor statement and bring a dash of color to the old boring entryway.

Bloom, dine and shine!

Bring some color to your dining space with flowers. It is okay if you don’t want to go with an elaborate arrangement rendering the space non-functional or unutilized for its core work. Even a single twig of a rose or daisy in a teacup can do the trick. Now that is everybody’s cup of tea!

Work smart, not hard!

You don’t have to complicate things. A rose in a glass of water can make your working space pop and burst in a thousand colors! It has been scientifically proven that flowers keep you stress-free and make you more productive. Isn’t that a win-win? Distraction-free, spring-ready working space and peace of mind- all with a single twig!

Soak and relax

From bath bombs to the shampoo in your bathroom has floral essence. What about bringing some real flowers to the bath space and just do away with synthetic fragrances for once and all? Sounds exciting, right? If the bath space doesn’t allow you to stage some planters on the window sill, then draw yourself a nice bath with rose petals. Rose petals can enhance your skin tone, tighten poor and give you an envious glow. Lavender is refreshing and has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. If you have trouble sleeping, take a lavender bath to calm yourself. People with weak immunity can take refuge in calendula flowers to alleviate cold and skin problems. A flower bath is therapeutic and leaves your bathroom fragrant for quite some time.

Discover happiness in your own backyard!

Looks like we have covered all the bases in your home. And let’s come to the most neglected corner, which (don’t act surprised) is very much an integral part of your living space. Wait for it – (suspense music in the background) is your backyard! In many houses, it doubles up as a store where you could dump anything that you don’t want to see around but don’t want to let go of either. Folks, it is spring cleaning time! Put hanging planters, vines and jars to decorate the space. Use those empty jars and bottles as vases. Transform the backyard into your Zen corner where you can meditate and relax.

There is no other home accent like flowers. A bunch of flowers can radically transform your home ambience without breaking your budget. And what could be a better time than spring to induce them into your home decor?
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My name is Prerna and I am the owner of City Flowers; Florist Company in India. I am here today doing what I love – floral design and event styling for weddings and events. After earning my degrees, I decided I had to live my dream of becoming a floral designer.

Throughout my life, I’ve been a creative person and have enjoyed the beauty that flowers brought to my life. At a young age, I knew I wanted to be a floral designer. Flowers move me and intrigue me. I love to decorate my home with flowers. I love the ocean, nature, my family and that is what inspires my designs each and every day!

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