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The best beauty trends to blow him away this Valentine’s Day!

It’s February 2019 and romance is clearly in the air! Whilst our romantic habits don’t always need to be confined to one day out of the 365 days of the year, it always makes us feel good to be able to have that time with our loved ones to truly spoil them. Once you have planned the perfect date night and have bought him the perfect card and present, it is time to get to prepping what he really came out to see:


2019 has come with its own beauty trends that are guaranteed to make a man fall to his knees. If you are ready to make this Valentines Day one of the most memorable for you and your partner, then you just have to try out some of these beauty regimes.

Gold Lip

Whilst you are more than welcome to stick to your perfect shade of lipstick, sometimes adding a little extra to the colour can really highlight your overall look. Whether you adore a shade of femme-fatale or just want a bubbly bright pink, why not considering adding a metallic gold lip gloss to add a new 3D shimmer to your lips. The soft shimmer can make your lips look extremely glamorous and totally kissable. No matter whether you are an older lady with your husband, a youthful university student on your first date or even one of Bubbles Escorts on a romantic rendezvous, you deserve to look like a sexy supermodel with your glossy lips on your Valentine’s Day Date.

If you really want to vamp up your lips, then you should definitely go for a pale pink lipstick before adding your gold lip gloss. Rose Gold is an extremely coveted look and will simply add that the very essence of high-end glamour to your look.

Lip Staining

Once you have finished the perfect look for your date, one of the worst things that can happen is that your lipstick starts to smear away from your lips. Sometimes you can even be left with your lipliner without any colour being inside! If you are looking for a way to end this disappearing act, then why not consider either tainting or staining your lip colour? A Lip Stain can be used in a cream format in order to slowly change the colour of your lips for the day. They come in a wide range of colours and you can easily pick and choose the one you prefer to fully suit your look.

The Bright Smoke Eye Palette

Now, everyone has heard about a smokey eye look. This usually consists of using two shades of brown on the eyelid and eye-line, as well a lighter shade on the eyebrow line. However, instead of sticking to the same old boring brown, why not splash a hint of colour on your eyelids to bring out your beautiful eye colour?

A new trend follows using the same smokey eye effects but with brighter colours. Using passionate pinks, reds, oranges, blues, purples and greens and combining the different lighter and darker shades together will give you a truly fierce look. Try to keep the rest of your look extremely simply simple in order to bring the attention to your eyes. This may mean that you might have to lose your eyeliner and vivacious lipstick colour, but if you keep the rest of your make up simple and solely use an eye colour and mascara mix, you will look like a true fashionista, guaranteed to impress your date on Valentines Day.

The Double Wing

When it comes to eyeliner, women (and men) simply adore a perfect flick. After all, it highlights the eye and makes your look like it was done by a professional makeup artist. That is why you just have to try out a double wing. The double wing can be above or below the first wing and can be completely individualised on the person’s normal look. You can use different colour eyeliners to draw it, go for a soft eyeshadow double wing or even go slightly above the original line in a different shade or a glitter eyeliner pen. This look can be stunning on its own and may not even require eyeshadow to pull it off. However, if you are after playful and quirky valentines day make up look, you should add a few additional colours to match your outfit. This is guaranteed to add a little touch of spice to your overall look.

Glitter Matte Sticks

As technology has improved so has our potential to improve our make up standards and individualise our looks. If you are looking for a quick way to apply your blush or highlight your cheeks, you may want to consider a matte highlighter. Not only are these matte sticks available in an array of different colours, but they can also have additional glitter or a metallic finish to bring out the true beauty of your cheeks. What’s even better? They are not a large powder. Instead, they come in the form of a stick which can be easily carried around in a bag. Simply roll the stick across your cheeks and blend, it is the perfect finishing touch to your Valentine’s Day look.

Quirky Nail Art

If you are the sort of woman who enjoys having a more natural look, aka. neutral palettes and lip colours, then you may want to make a different feature of your body stand out. When you hold your lover’s hand, one of the best things that could happen is that your partner is instinctively drawn towards your nails. Whether you want to invest in your own nail paints, you can paint them valentines day themed with cute patterns or even go to a nail salon to finish off your perfect look! Just remember, keeping it simple will make your overall look appear even better.

Happy Romancing!

If you want to have a good Valentine’s Day night, you need to consider how you are going to dress up. Remember, you need to dress to suit your environment. So pick the best beauty regimes that will suit your date plans.

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