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Busting popular blackjack myths

A man is sitting in a bar one evening when a beautiful woman walks in and buys him a drink, almost the same when gamblers get free bingo games no deposit benefit. He wakes up the next morning in an ice bath with a pain in his side, shivering, and a note on the wall in front of him says “Call 999!”… Have you heard this stolen kidney story before? It’s one of the most popular urban legends out there.

Unfortunately, the game of blackjack’s also home to many urban legends. Yet, you really need to separate the facts from the fiction if you want to become a successful player. So, let’s bust some popular blackjack myths.

1. Insurance

Myth: Always take insurance when you’ve a blackjack or your cards add up to 20 and the dealer’s up-card is an ace.
Truth: This is bad advice as the house has a 6% advantage over a player with an insurance bet. In his Amazon bestseller How to Play Blackjack, Kevin Gerard says “insurance is pretty much always a sucker’s bet.” So, stay away from it, period.

2. Dealer’s Winning Streak

Myth: Avoid tables where a dealer is on a winning streak.
Truth: Even though dealers go through hot and cold periods, there’s no telling when these will end. More importantly, cards lack memories and past results have no bearing on future ones so get these thoughts out of your head.

3. Bad Players

Myth: Bad players hurt your chances of winning.
Truth: Good players can hurt your chances as much as bad players; thus, just focus on your cards and the dealer’s and forget about everything else.

4. The Goal of Blackjack

Myth: The goal of the game is to get a score of 21.
Truth: The objective is to beat the dealer and this can be done by getting a higher score than him or her (without exceeding 21) or by staying alive when he or she goes bust. Therefore, try to defeat the dealer and try not to go bust.

5. The Dealer’s Hidden Card

Myth: The dealer’s hidden card is always a 10.
Truth: While it’s often a good idea to prepare for the worst, it’s not always a wise move to assume the dealer’s hole card is a 10 as almost 70% of the cards in blackjack aren’t. Thus, cast this notion aside.

6. Card Counting at Online Casinos

Myth: You can count cards at online casinos.
Truth: Although card counting is possible at casinos, it can’t be done at online casinos due to random number generators – microprocessors that randomly select cards during games. So, forget about it in cyberworld. (Note: Card counting is possible at live casinos with webcams and real dealers, though.)

Final Thoughts

We’ve just busted some myths about blackjack; thus, be sure to use your new-found knowledge to defeat the dealer in your next game. And even if the server is a good-looking stranger, why not avail of a free drink? (You won’t end up in an ice bath, I swear!)

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