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Can poor posture lead to shoulder pain?

Most people don’t know that a poor posture can trigger shoulder pain. A typical shoulder pain examined in the therapy clinic is known as Shoulder Impingement. Frequently, rotator sleeve ligaments push on the coracoacromial arch of the shoulder which makes routine shoulder movements painful.

Although some pressure on the shoulder is good, sometimes the pressure causes too much interaction during shoulder movements in the affected shoulder. Some common causes of shoulder impingement are:

Pressure to the shoulder due to injury or trauma:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Vitamin D Deficiency
  • Poor posture

It’s imperative to know that there are various reasons for shoulder pain. Getting a consultation from a shoulder surgeon once is the first step to evaluate the reason behind the impingement. Key factors for managing this condition include improving the posture and increasing muscle strength.

How do you strengthen your shoulder?

When talking about shoulder strength most people refer to the rotator cuff because these muscles provide strength and stability to the shoulder joint. The larger muscles must provide support to the smaller muscles to function.

The posture of your shoulder and back muscles influence the position of the spine, neck and shoulder blades. Sitting for more than 5 hours, inactive lifestyle and increased utilization of phones and computers exert pressure on your shoulder muscles. This ultimately prevents the shoulder joint from functioning properly.

Movement of shoulder and posture

How does poor posture cause shoulder pain? When you are relaxing, you may not feel a thing. Sadly, changes in posture also cause changes in the way you move and work with your body. Your posture can affect:

  • The position of the shoulder blade
  • The flexibility of shoulder muscles
  • Muscle function
  • Space accessible for the shoulder to move
  • Positioning the arm in different angles

To make it easy for you, we’ll explain how your posture changes the movement of your shoulder.

When sitting slouched, raise your arm up high. Do you feel tired? Now sit with your back straight and repeat the same process. Does your posture changes? Do you still feel the same pain…

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