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Casper mattress

Do you want to have a great and sweet sleep? Casper mattresses hold your answer. Can you imagine having a mattress that feels new for a whole decade? That’s awesome, right? Casper mattress makes you look forward to a good night sleep and lots of naps during the day as well. Casper mattress gives you that feel of sleeping in a dreamy cloud. This is because it gives you that extra support your back needs so badly to stay aligned.

If you want to have a night of proper spine alignment, Casper mattress will give you just that. When you sink into this softer mattress, all the day’s stresses will be a past and in return, you will have a good comfortable feel throughout the night. The Casper mattress has been manufactured in a way the open cell foams are created to let excess hot air escape so that you can constantly cool while sleeping. All this is to ensure you get a perfect feel throughout your sleep. This is one mattress that you will adore and trust.

Characteristics of Casper mattress

This amazing mattress is made of four layers of foam. The top layer balances the softness and support. The base layers provide a deep comfort and long-lasting durability of the mattress. Another impressive character is the ability to stop overheating. You will not sweat when sleeping on a Casper mattress.

This is achieved because the mattress has open cell foams that have tiny pores to let the excess hot air escape ensuring you enjoy a cool and comfortable sleep. The mattress was launched in 2014 and since then, so many people now have a different perspective of sleep all thanks to Casper mattress.

The Casper mattress is made with premium latex for cooling and memory foam for supportive comfort. Casper mattress gives you an assurance of waking up the following morning without any achy back and feeling tired due to constant turning if you have and an old squeaky bed.

Casper mattress will make sure that you are not only comfortable, but you will also forget about purchasing a mattress for the longest time possible. Investing in a good mattress is actually very essential since this is one thing you spend most of your time on.

Why you should get a Casper mattress today

The Casper mattress is quite unique compared to many other brands. Even how its delivered rolled up nicely it clearly makes it a good impression that whatever is inside is worth the price. The mattress is also easy to place on your bed and when you place it, you will definitely stare on it like you would want to lie on it right away and crawl there for the longest time possible.

When you purchase Casper mattress via Amazon and other legit stores, you get a 100 days of trial and if you do not like it, then they will gladly refund you and you will give back the mattress. This is one reason that makes the Casper mattress stand out, a manufacturer who is willing to go that far shows that they are confident with their product.

The impression created here is worth your time and money. However, it may not be the only best mattress in the world, but it is really good for all your body parts. Casper is an online-only business for your information. Moreover, the manufacturer has started showrooming in selected target stores. These retailers will charge you same price of Casper mattress and so you can purchase in either of them since you will get the same services and policies.

Casper mattress prices on Amazon and other legit outlets

Casper Twin mattress 39″ x 75″ x 10″ 44 lbs $595
Casper Twin XL mattress 39″ x 80″ x 10″ 46 lbs $645
Casper Full mattress 54″ x 75″ x 10″ 60 lbs $895
Casper Queen mattress 60″ x 80″ x 10″ 71 lbs $995
Casper King mattress 76″ x 80″ x 10″ 91 lbs $1,195
Casper California King mattress 72″ x 84″ x 10″ 90 lbs $1,195

But if you have a Casper mattress coupon or a promo code you could end buying it at a better price or benefit from a discount during the sale period. In the end, whatever the cost for your mattress is, the most important thing is to enjoy it.

Is Casper mattress good for your different body parts?

Casper mattress is designed in such a way that it relieves pressure and targets different parts of the body in a very special way. If you want to know what is made of, you are in the right place. Casper mattress is made of two different types of foam. The softer foam is for, under the shoulder, the firmer foam is for the hip region.

This separation is for bringing the optimal comfort to these two sensitive areas. Let’s start with the cover which is made of a soft polyester blend. Although it is designed in a way that it snaps back into place very quickly. This ensures it does not bunch up when you move around while sleeping. Another important feature is the zip. This is good because you can remove it and wash it together with other beddings.

The comfort layer in the Casper mattress is constructed by a latex-like foam material. This gives your bed some immediate bounce and a quick respond to pressure. More so, you will also be allowed to sink in a very nice pressure and give you all the soothing you require while sleeping and wake up the following morning with great relief. The comfort layer has yet another important property since it has a great cooling property and when you are sleeping, the bed will not feel too hot.

Just beneath the comfort layer, there is a section of memory foam called the contour layer. This material is meant to produce a classic body-contouring feeling and it also extends the pressure of the top layer to the rest of the mattress. When you come to the translation layer, it is the third layer from the top of Casper mattress. This is the place you find the zoned support since it is built with two types of durable polyfoam.

The softer variation is located at both ends and the firmer one is positioned in the center. The importance of such placement is meant to aid with pressure relief and support. The foundation layer is the base of the heavy duty poly foam and gives the mattress its structure.

The firmness of Casper mattress

If you want to know if Casper mattress firm or soft, keep reading and you will definitely have your answers. When you press with your bare hand, you will discover the gentle bounce of the comfort layer. If you add more pressure, you will not feel too stuck although there would be a little bit of contouring from the memory foam layer.

Now, it is important to note that you will feel the firmness depending on your body type and shape. In other words, the firmness will depend on an individual. The top comfort and contour layers give you a nice sinkage. The poly duty poly foam layers will lift you up when you are sleeping and assist you to come out of the bed. This makes you feel like you are actually sleeping on top of the Casper mattress other than sleeping. You will not feel stuck when lying on a Casper mattress.

The reviews of a client who bought the Casper mattress

Let us call this client Alex. Alex started by sleeping on his back. This gave him a lot of great pressure relief from his new Casper mattress. The space on his lower back was supported and this provided a pleasant lift in his lumbar region. When Alex slept on his side, he continued to enjoy a secure and comfortable feel. The zoned support alleviated the formation of pressure on his shoulders and hips. When Alex rolled onto his stomach, he felt that the bed did a great job of keeping his spine in a healthy body alignment. To sum it up, he says that it was quite easy to switch to those three different positions while sleeping.

There are also changes that even improve the mattress more and make its clients more interested. The biggest structural change is the added interior layer of zoned support. This is the section that is meant to support different parts of your body and ensures that the pressure relief is felt in all parts of your body from head to toe.

The ultra support foam is another good change for comfort. The Casper mattress does this too well and even makes it better by balancing the mixture of foams ensuring that the mattress balances support with sinkage to give you a perfect feel. If you want a balanced foam feel, great support and dispersion of the heat as you sleep, then Casper mattress holds your needs.

Casper mattress is zoned for support and if you are the type that undergoes discomforts in your shoulders and hips, a good solution would be investing in a good mattress such as Casper mattress to have a pain free sleep all night. Casper mattress also gives you a balanced foam feel. It is able to achieve this due to a good balance of memory foam, latex and heavy-duty poly form since they work together giving you a great and beauty sleeping experience. Do you sweat and feel hot while sleeping? Casper mattress will change all that. The comfort layer provides great cooling all night.

The Casper mattress has continued to improve and the queen model has even improved further. A reviewer, who went an extra mile, dissected the mattress at a lab and found out that the constriction was different from the previous ones and the new model replaces the latex foam layer with a layer of high-resilience polyurethane foam. This makes the mattress perform even better.

The behavior of Casper mattress when sleeping with a partner

Do you share your bed with your partner? Then you will definitely want to know how Casper mattress behaves when you are the two of you in the bed and how it feels when your partner crawls out of the bed in the morning. There was a test done by another client to see how it would feel when the two of you tosses around while sleeping.

To illustrate this, we will refer to this client as Erick. He dropped a 10-pound steel ball from the height of 4 inches, 8 inches, and 12 inches. He discovered that the bigger the lines the bigger the disturbance it brought in. from the look of things, this tells you that although you may feel your partner tossing and turning all the night, it is nothing too extreme. That cannot deny you a good night’s sleep since it will not be anything too disruptive either.

The sinking and edge support test

Most people fear to get a mattress that will sink while they sleep and make them feel like you are sinking in the mattress instead of lying on top of it. Although the sinkage will depend on your body shape, weight and sleeping positions, it will not be in the extremes of feeling uncomfortable at all.

If you intend to share the bed with your partner, then you should consider that since you are going to use the entire surface area of the mattress, then a good edge support is essential. When you lie on the edges you will feel well supported at the sides and feel more secure since it ensures you will not roll out of the bed while turning.

When you wake up in the morning and sit on one end of the mattress, most mattresses give up to such pressures but Casper mattress is not one of them, it will hold you up very well and allow you to get ready for the day.

The bottom line

If you are planning to invest on a good mattress, Casper mattress is a good option for you and your loved ones. After you try it you will be tempted to write a five star review for it. And if you search the internet for Casper mattresses reviews, you’ll find a lot of max stars reviews. If you fear that you may not like it or it will not meet your requirements, there is a 100 days trial and return policy. Get yours today for a good night’s sleep.

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