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Why owners should consider giving CBD Oil to their cats and dogs

The natural health benefits of CBD oil is an increasing trend, especially, in the medical and cosmetic industry with many products infusing CBD oil as a natural additive to improve mood, relax muscles, and take off stress. CBD oil isn’t just effective for us humans but also for animals. Here is why pet owners should consider using CBD oil for their cats, dogs, and even horses.

CBD Oil Health Benefits To Pets

Research proves that CBD has many healing properties for all mammals. CBD has been used in many therapeutic and medical practices to treat patients suffering from inflammation, anxiety, seizures, stomach related disorders, neurological disorders, muscle spasms, malignancy pain and much more. Since all vertebrates have an endocannabinoid system your pets stand to benefit from CBD use just as much as humans.

The five most important health benefits of using CBD on pets include:

Eliminates Seizures

Pets also experience seizures just like us humans. According to a study conducted by Evan C. Rosenberg, Richard W. Tsien, Benjamin J. Whalley, and Orrin Devinsky, CBD gradually reduces the chances of seizures in pets to null.

Chronic Pain

CBD is a well-renowned natural antidote to help reduce pain and is widely recommended by doctors to patients that suffer from back pain, joint pain, and muscle spasms. Pets also suffer from joint pain especially when they grow older and CBD can help provide that much-needed relief and encourage movement and activity.


Pets also suffer from anxiety issues just like us humans. The use of CBD oil can help lift your pet’s mood and relieve anxiety helping them get back to that happy active state – full of life and energy.


Pets like cats and dogs can often end up eating things they shouldn’t resulting in upset stomachs and nausea which can be extremely challenging for a pet owner to cope with. The use of CBD helps fight receptors that cause feelings of nausea and can also help increase your pet’s appetite and metabolism.


The use of CBD oil is widely recommended for patients suffering from cancer as it helps combat many of the side-effects related to its treatment.

CBD Oil For Cats & Dogs

CBD products offer an all-natural palliative care solution for your pet as it helps improve their quality of life, vitality, and overall health. CBD has proven to increase appetite and weight gain in dogs and cats as well as treat mental conditions such as anxiety and depression.

That’s not all the use of CBD can have profound positive effects on dogs and cats suffering from arthritis, cancer tumors, skin disorders, seizures, stomach disorders, and inflammation. The best part of using CBD compared to other forms of medication is that it is a completely natural product that has no known side-effects and can help treat a variety of conditions while relieving pain.

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