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8 highly engaging activities that young children will love

Children are all about energy and being active. You cannot expect any child to sit in one place and do nothing for a long time because they just aren’t programmed to be that way. This is why it is imperative that you have a large number of activities lined up for your children to keep them engaged for a long time.

And it is only natural to have activities that children can perform indoors and outdoors so that they never find themselves in a position where they have nothing to do. So refer to this list and find anything that your child isn’t already doing and get them into it so that they are never bored!

Riding Bikes

One child-friendly activity that has been all the rage for decades now is bike riding. And it is one activity that has evolved a great bit over the years as well. You can get one of the best electric scooters, skateboards, roller blades and anything else your little ones can commute on.

Riding bikes with friends or in a park is also a great way to develop your child’s social skills. Not only that, but riding bikes is also an excellent exercise for young children which helps them develop their little bodies.


Another way to keep your child entertained for hours is by helping them join swimming classes. Swimming is a highly beneficial skill to have for children. Once they learn how to swim, they will not be able to forget it. And every time you take them to the beach, they will be able to have twice as much fun as they usually do.

Not only is swimming an essential survival skill and a good exercise for the body, but children also love playing in the water despite all of that. They love pool games and water sports. Leave them in a pool with a couple of floaters, and they will be sure to have a blast for a really long time.


As we mentioned before, children are full of energy. Ask them to do their best in any sport, and they will be sure to give it their best. This is why it is an excellent idea to develop your child’s interest in sports from a very early age.

You can do so by helping them join sports clubs. There are children’s clubs for all kinds of sports, including basketball, baseball, football, and even volleyball. These sports clubs will also help your children meet up with different kinds of people and socialize.

If nothing else, you can always just organize family sports days and play with your child in a park or your back yard. This sports time will help you bond with your child as well. If you want your child to enjoy the experience, even more, be sure to throw words of encouragement to them while you’re at it as well.

Playing on Park Swings

If you remember being a child there is no doubt that you also remember how you loved spending hours on park swings; be it the jungle gym, the swings, the slides, or the plain old see-saw.

Children these are hardly any different in this regard. So take your child to a nearby park with a couple of swings and watch them have a blast for hours. It is actually a lot more fun for children to be with their friends while they are in parks since then they like spending even more time there.

And just like the other outdoor and physical activities we have mentioned, playing in the park will also help in developing your child’s physical body.

Arts and Crafts

Children can spend as much time on indoor activities as they can on outdoor activities. You just have to engage them in the right way.

So spend a few minutes every day arranging an arts and crafts corner for your kids. Put up something new every day, be it glue, construction paper, crayons, paints, and even ice cream sticks. Give them time to complete their masterpiece and don’t forget to shower them with words of encouragement when they are done.

You can even get the children to watch videos on YouTube and follow along with whatever is happening. This way they will get results that satisfy them as well as you and they can be at it for hours!

TV/Online Shows

Another thing about children that has not changed in the past two decades or so is children’s love for shows. These shows include cartoons and anything else aimed at a child audience.

And we have probably seen a lot of children who can devour episode after episode without blinking an eye. In fact, many moms actually use their addiction as a tactic to feed them healthy food or make them sit quietly while they quickly get done with some work or just catch their breaths.

Always remember to monitor what your children are watching, though. You can put parental locks on your TV and monitoring apps on phones and tablets.

Online Games

Another way to keep your kid engaged for a long time is by letting them play online games. Now, we know that there is a lot of controversy regarding online games what with some of them being wasteful and others inappropriate for kids.

But remember that there are a lot of games that can help in developing children’s cognitive and thinking skills. Just make sure you know what they are playing when they are at it. And of course, make sure they don’t get addicted to them!

Science Experiments

Lastly, you can get your child a starter science-experiment kit to occupy them as well. Science kits are nothing short of magic for children. They love watching colors change and making new things from scratch.

Remember that these kids can be mildly hazardous. So make sure they take the necessary safety precautions and keep a close eye on them when they are busy with it as well.

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