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Friends and foes: their significance in our lives

Friends and foes, though they start with the same letter, are completely different in significance in our lives. In reality, we yearn to have good friends only. I understand that only good and compassionate friends can beautify our lives. The people who we think are our enemies can only make our lives hell. We ignore them or just fight them, don’t we?

But, if you believe in light and darkness, you also have to admit that both the aspects of human beings in the form of friends or foes, have a significance in our lives. In modern time, we don’t have anyone who can be termed as your enemy in literal terms. None will become an enemy to you at all. It’s just the characteristics of a person which you may not like and thus, you start ignoring him. By degrees, the disliking intensifies and eventually, you confirm that he is not your friend and thus, a foe. Is this the right parameter to categorize a person? No, this is not.

As friends have an active role in our lives, so do our so-called foes. As I’ve already mentioned, there is actually no person in today’s world who is a foe. Even if he is your arch-rival, he won’t reveal his enmity to you at all. We all behave like good human beings these days. Whether you like a person or not, you gotta smile when you meet each other? Ironical? Yes, it is.

The most beautiful person besides the family, is undoubtedly a friend. A friend is a boon to your life. It’s a friend who walks by you, stands by you and who loves to listen to all your woes and leads you to a safe path. A true friend always shares his experiences with you so that you can live through them and better you life.

A word of criticism from a good friend is something like a word of wisdom. You accept his diggings by all means. Now, what about a person you don’t like at all? His compliment pinches you and you never take his words positively. Right?

But, if you self-analyze you’d agree that his words mean something too. Had he not been harsh with his reactions for you; had he not disagreed to whatever you did; had he not campaigned against whatever you did, you’d never hurry to perfect yourself in an attempt to prove your so-called foe wrong.

We always tend to look at people who don’t look at us. So, do we not invest a huge amount on time on the people who we think as our foes? If so, we really owe a lot to them. Yes, friends make us happy but foes help us.

On the other side, there are actually people who apparently look harmless but those people do think of causing damage to you. Yes, such creatures do exist in our society. However good they behave to you, they mean to harm you in any juncture of life. Try to single out them. They feel bad of you and will continue to do so forever, whatever good fortune you bring in for them. Treat them with as much goodness as you can. But limit yourself when you actually feel that nothing can change their notion towards you. They are the negativity in themselves which can bar you from progress in life. Shun them outright.

Friends and foes go along your way. All people are good in some way. A bad guy to you may be a good person to someone else. Don’t categorize a person as a foe or friend. Be good to all and expect goodness from all. Behave alike with everyone you meet and everyone you live with. There is significance in all the objects and beings in our lives, be they negative or positive. Just make sure you protect yourself from the bad guys who can actually misdo with you.

What’s your take on this? Do you agree to the significance of both negativity and positiveness in our lives?

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