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Gameplay review of Shaman’s Dream slot

If you fancy a game of Shaman’s Dream, you will be playing a slot game with a wonderfully in depth theme and real attention to detail, as this game uses a Native American theme as it’s inspiration and does so really well. A simple to play title with some great graphics and potentially even better wins. Shamans Dream slot game is very popular amongst the online gambling community and not without good reason.

Shaman’s Dream Summary

One of the best things about the modern online slot game scene is the beautifully diverse selection of games that you can choose from. There are games that use almost any theme that you can possibly think of as inspiration for their design, reels and narrative. The likes of the Luck o’ the Irish theme and the Ancient Egypt theme will repeatedly come up as you scroll the endless amounts of games out there, but every now and then, you will find a new or more original theme.

Using what is a rather original theme here, Shaman’s Dream is all about Native Americans. Using aspects of Native American culture, there are some lovely symbols and illustrations involved in Shaman’s Dream, making it a wonderfully detail offering of a slot game. While there are not loads and loads of features, Shaman’s Dream gets the basics right and offers a really easy to play and good looking online video slot machine.

The betting starts at a humble 25p and goes up to £12.50 per bet, meaning there is a decent amount of room to work with in terms of betting ranges. With 5 reels and 25 pay lines, as mentioned, there is not too much in the gameplay that is particularly revolutionary, but in sticking to online slot game convention this game provides a really likeable experience that players will instantly be able to pick up, especially if they are regular slot game spinners. The inclusion of a very useful bonus round will also be music to the ears of those who regularly play online slot games.

Eyecon – Developers of Shaman’s Dream

The developers of the many online slot games out there often do not get the credit they wholeheartedly deserve and operate like the unsung heroes of the gambling industry in many ways. We are always keen to shine some light on the good work done by developers though and it is Eyecon, a very esteemed developer, indeed, who created this enjoyable 5 reel slot game.

Shaman’s Dream has lovely tastefully designed graphics and steered away from a cartoon style unlike many slot games which feel the need to trivialise themes or make everything have a sense of humour. While there is definitely room for a sense of humour in slot games and Eyecon certainly have proven that they can make a lighthearted game, too, they take a more serious approach to Shaman’s Dream with some classy graphics.

There is a great level of detail in the design of this game and that is to the credit of Eyecon. You will notice a great depth to the backdrop of some native American wilderness, really setting the tone as this slot game takes you closer to being at one with nature. We do not often get the chance to learn more about the Native American people and their fascinating culture, so Eyecon’s decision to focus on them for this slot game is much appreciated.

Eyecon always make their games available across all major platforms too which is a really great way to make games more accessible. It means that no matter how you gamble or play online, be it through a smartphone, tablet or desktop, you will be able to enjoy their large catalogue of online slot games that includes Shaman’s Dream.

Playing Shaman’s Dream

This native American online video slot games starts, as slot games so often do, with the player packing their bet. You can choose anything between 25p and £12.50 per spin, allowing a bit of room to manoeuvre, As far as online slot games in general go, the maximum bet in Shaman’s Dream is far from the highest, so right off the bat we would say this is not a game for the highest high rollers out there.

Set in the wilderness, Eyecon have done a great job with the graphics on this title and the symbols, many of which are obviously theme relevant icons, are well designed as well. Look out for totems, necklaces, axes and bears on the reels, lining up across one of the 25 pay lines on offer and offering up to four times your stake.

Higher paying symbols include the likes of the white buffalo or eagle which play ten times your stake, while the woman symbol will reward you with 38 times your stake. There are wilds and scatters in this title, too, and it is these symbols which give the top wins and the access to the game’s bonus feature.

Shaman’s Dream Bonus Features and Free Spins

There is only one bonus feature to report in Shaman’s Dream but it has the potential to be brilliantly useful. Slot game regulars will be pleased to know that it is yet another free spins feature, offering the chance for players to spin the reels at no extra costs and enjoy extra benefits while doing so.

You need to land at least three of the scatter symbols in Shaman’s Dream to trigger the feature and this will get you a cash bonus of up to 450 times your stake, plus 15 free spins. The free spins all have a 3x multiplier on them, so this bonus feature really is a chance to get some great momentum and wins under your belt. You can re-trigger the free spins, too, with up to 240 free spins on offer.

Verdict on Shaman’s Dream

A great, well designed theme and some really effective free spins make Shaman’s Dream an interesting and genuinely very entertaining slot game. Top marks.

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