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The best grilling dishes for a weekend barbeque

It’s Friday night, and someone is looking for an appealing barbeque recipe. In case you have not come up with any worth-pondering idea, we are much pleased to introduce you some of the best mouth-watering grilling recipes.

Here is the primary tip:

Grilled dishes only taste good with appropriate flavorings. So before getting tons of pork and chicken home, remember to find some herbs and seasonings beforehand.

So, are you ready? If the answer is yes, let’s jump right in our out-of-this-world grilling dishes.

Basic Main Dishes – Our Frizzling Meal

We will give priority to our main character in this post – those main barbeque dishes.

You might think: Yes, there are numerous types of meat you can grill on your burner, but which is the proper way to grill them?

The answer is… no.

No, there is not anything called the-right-way to toast meat. Just make sure that the meat is pleasingly done as you wish, then now you are on the go!

Grilled sausages, steak, and pork

Can you see the lovely burnt that the steel grid left on the steak?

That is one of the things that give grilled steak or sausage appealingly attractive, along with its aromatic scent and shining sauce coat.

Well-done steak is definitely not recommended. We bet you would not want to miss that fresh, springy fuming steak!

Sauce suggestions: rich brown ketchup, chimichurri sauce, marinara sauce, any type you like.

Broiled chicken thighs with tamarind glaze and sesame

There are multiple ways to roast a chicken!

Here we present a way of broiling flavored chicken thighs then apply a coat of tamarind glaze on top of that. Yummy! And optional sesame for extra decoration!

In case you want to grill the whole chicken, you will need to flatten it out. And a bigger grill, of course. A medium-size grill is enough to make it!

Rolled roasted beef with bell peppers

Beef can make the best rolled grilled dishes for your barbeque, do you know?

Although here we give you an option of wrap bell pepper inside beef, you can always choose another way. Green beans, carrot, and corn seeds would all work well!

Grilled fish with spicy sauce

Hey there, do not start watering your mouth yet!

Keep on moving! Next recipe is about seafood. In fact, you can grill every type of fish (except the poisonous ones), from salmon, snapper, to other seafood such as shrimp and squid.

Also, keep in mind that you need to clean it carefully before putting it into the grill.

Lamb chops for the gourmet

Lamb chops can be very big and high-priced. So if you have a chance to turn one into a delicious barbeque dish, remember that you would need a reliable burner!

But… which burner to choose?

There are various types out there, which offer you a wide range of gas or coal grill in all sizes. But if you want a burner that is big enough to cook lamb together with others, you should take a hybrid grill – it is a combination burner.

So if you plan on getting one for yourself, note that you should carefully read this combination gas and charcoal grill reviews beforehand!

Side Dishes And Beverages

The Veggie Dishes

What? You think that vegetables can not be grilled?

So how about those crispy roasted potatoes, grilled broccoli with cauliflower coated by hollandaise sauce, and charred cabbage with avocado salad in mayonnaise sauce?

There is also the roasted sweet corn! You might not only eat the roasted corn, my friend. Separated corn seeds can be used to make the salad too. Work well with any type of sauces you like!

Almost all vegetables could go well with grilling, apart from the kind that is as thin as paper. And for a better result, remember to use more herbs and flavorings on your dishes to stimulate your friend’s taste!

But… do you know what is missing?

Drinks And Dessert

Yes, it is the snack.

Our delicious lovely desserts and ice-cold drinks will complete the perfect weekend barbeque. Cupcakes, fruits, ice cream, and sparkling drinks for kids (and bigger kids), also wine and beers for our cheering, right?

Bottom Line

So, we have gone through a mouth-watering path together! Could you choose the best grilling dishes for your weekend barbeque yet?

If not, then take your time. Scroll up again and seek the recipes that you want to make, then get to the kitchen. Please tell us when you have done your first achievement in the comment below!

Thank you for reading!

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