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Tips to follow if you want to grow a tomato plant in a hot climate

Places like India, China, Turkey, the US, and India are responsible for 70% of the total production of tomatoes. Growing tomato plants in the containers can be rewarding but you are going to be extremely disappointed if the plants cannot make it. There are numerous things that are responsible for damaging the young tomatoes. The issues that are responsible for plaguing the tomatoes, which grow in the containers, are known to get magnified in the subtropical or the tropical climates. In these climates, the humidity is not only extreme but the pests also multiply easily. Given below is a list of the tips that you can follow for growing tomatoes in the containers even when you are living in a really hot climate.

Feeding and watering the tomatoes

Generally, tomatoes require a decent quantity of water as well as fertilizer irrespective of where they are growing and the climate they are in. If you are growing tomatoes in the containers, you have to take care of the soil and ensure that it contains a lot of organic matter. It is crucial to add the slow release fertilizer into the potting soil and add liquid fertilizers for the entire season. Tomatoes require calcium and even if you are observing the black spots right at the bottom of the tomatoes, you have to add lime to the soil. An important thing that you need to keep in mind is that tomato watering is dependent on the kind of response that you are getting from your tomato plants.

Knowing the tomato varieties that grow best in the hot climates

You need to understand that all kinds of tomatoes won’t grow perfectly in the containers. The best varieties are undoubtedly the cherry tomatoes. You also have the option of growing the heirlooms, if you belong to a subtropical region. However, it is crucial that you remain careful about the antifungal programs, like watering the plants and taking care of the complete hygiene.

Watering constantly

The most important trick of growing tomato plants in the containers is the consistency. If you are skipping watering the plant, which you are growing in the garden, for one day, it is not such a big deal. When you are using containers, you are not going to suffer if you skip watering the plants. You need to water constantly so that the tomatoes do not split. You can opt for the self-watering tomato planters so that you do not need to worry about the regular supply of enough water.

When to grow the tomatoes

Growing tomatoes is completely dependent on where you are based in. In the tropics and subtropics, it is best that you grow your tomatoes in winter. If you live in a transition zone, you have the freedom of growing tomatoes during the shoulder season, like the month of February to the month of April.


Ensure that your plants are getting enough sun throughout the daytime, even if you are living in the tropics.


Numerous people think that heirloom tomatoes cannot be grown in the subtropics or tropics, but you need to know that you can; only you have to work hard. Ensure that you take care of the above tips and you are going to get a really good harvest.

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