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6 ways to accentuate your curves

Curves are the most natural and beautiful physical feature of a woman. Every woman is born with a certain body type which depends on the genetic structure. Some are fortunate enough to have a curvaceous body while others might not be so lucky. Although, it’s not possible to change the shape of the body, but by dressing according to our body shape we can accentuate what we have. Also, proper diet and exercise can help us gain or lose weight in order to make our body more voluptuous.

Body shape is not about height or weight but its all about proportion.
Women body shapes are generally narrowed down to four categories: rectangle, pear, apple, and hourglass. You may be one of these shapes or a combination of two shapes.

A brief description of these shapes:

Straight or rectangle: 46% of women adorn this body shape. In this shape, the bust, waist, and hips are approximately the same sizes, without a well-defined waistline. Women with this body shape must wear clothes that highlight their waists.

Pear: 20% of women flaunt this body shape. In this type of body shape, the hips are wider than the bust. This is also known as A shape. Women with this shape must focus the attention on the upper half part of the body while dressing up.

Apple: 14% of women carry this body shape. They have a well-defined bust, broader than the hips. They should dress to shift the focus on the lower half of their body.

Hourglass: Only 8% of women are blessed with this body shape. Women with this body shape have a perfect bust, waist and hip ratio. They should dress up to highlight all their curves and avoid baggy clothes which tend to hide their beautiful curves.

Follow these 2 simple steps to enhance your beautiful curves:

1. Know your curves: Firstly, you should know your body well, analyze it and find out where all it requires to put on or reduce some extra pounds. Accordingly, you can work towards achieving a more curvy body. Many women who either what to gain some extra weight on the right places or are struggling to shed off extra weight, maybe after pregnancy, need to maintain a balance of proper diet and exercise.

2. Proper diet and exercise: Once you find out what all areas need special attention, you can plan a proper diet plan and exercise regime. Having extra weight around the waist, bust or hips hides the beautiful curves. In this case, focus is required in these areas to lose the extra pounds accumulated here. Exercise properly and opt for light meals consisting raw fruits and vegetables rather than fat or protein-rich food. It’s not hard to find good food recipes packed with raw fruits and vegetables.

Whereas, if you are very lean and need to gain some weight in these areas, proper strength training exercise along with protein-rich food such as any red meat like roasted pork can help you do so.

Once you have determined what shape you are, you can dress up accordingly to accentuate your curves:

1. Choosing the right pair of jeans: Jeans is something that everyone wears. They are comfy and stylish. So choosing a right pair for your body shape that flatters your figure and enhances your curves gets essential. There are different styles of jeans and trousers complementing different body shapes available in the market. Once you get to know your body shape you can easily choose what suits you the best.

2. Say hello to belts: Belts are not just used to hold the pants. Instead, they are amazing accessories to enhance your curves when used in the right way. Belts can work wonderfully well for straight shape and hourglass shape women. Wearing a belt gives an illusion of well-defined waistline for straight or rectangle shaped women. Whereas, in hourglass-shaped women belt accentuates the already defined waistline. However, pear and apple-shaped women should avoid wearing belts.

3. Color and print conscious: Most of us may not pay much attention to the color or print while selecting a dress. But colors do make a lot of difference. Different colors and prints complement different body shapes. For instance, dark colors suit women who have a heavy figure. They tend to hide the extra curves and fats. Whereas, lighter shades highlight the curves.

4. Tuck it in: Tucking the top in your bottom is a an effective way to create an illusion of having sexy curves. For women having a straight body shape tucking in the shirt and wearing a thin belt can create a great illusion of having a well-defined waistline. Almost anyone with any body shape can pull off this style easily.

Lastly, you are your own best judge. Play with colors and experiment with different styles. Don’t follow any fashion blindly, you need to be comfortable in whatever you wear. Hence, choose wisely.

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