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How to pack for active vacation in Europe

If you are a keen adventurer or just a mundane tourist, exploring Europe can be a thrilling and engaging experience. Whether you embark on this wonderful journey on an organized package tour or go with friends on a road trip, you need to get ready for an active holiday. Besides bringing good mood and positive vibes with you, you need to pack smart and light. Europe is a truly mesmerizing continent but with changeable and unpredictable weather. And if your goal is to see and explore various exciting cities, you need to pack accordingly. Here is a helpful packing guide to getting you covered.

Create a clear packing list

Before you rush trowing various seasonal clothes in your suitcase or backpack, bear in mind that you won’t use them all. First, consider the size and shape of your suitcase. Avoid packing bulky sweaters or jumpers. Weather in Germany or anywhere else in central Europe can be rather chilly, but that doesn’t mean you need to bring a heavy coat. Pack one fancy leather jacket and good snickers. Make a clear list of the essential things you need. Start with essentials: toothbrush, deodorant, shampoo, suncream, underwear, camera, and European charger, and ibuprofen (for ‘just in case’ situations). Customize your list with the activities you wish to do in Europe, and pack essentials that will make your trip comfortable and accessible.

Don’t overburden yourself

If you are going backpacking or want to explore Europe and all its marvel on foot, then you need to take careful care of what you are going to carry on your back and make sure that you don’t overpack. First things first, you need to pack socks for walking since you will be walking all day on thick cemented pavement and you need to feel comfortable and protected. Next, consider the fact that you will be carrying a backpack which you don’t want to be too heavy because that would impede you from going sightseeing all day. For an active vacation through Europe’s dazzling capitals don’t bring a giant bag that is the wrong size and style, or carry seven tank tops (three is enough) and don’t pack too many shoes, one quality walking pair is all you need.

Pack smart and think about the experience, not looks

Whatever you do, don’t pack clothes and shoes that look nice but are not comfy. Even if you want to look stylish, you need to get prepared for hours of walking and investigating the gems of Europe. Packing matching items will only make your back hurt more. You need to think smart and pack clothes that you find suitable for any time and day. If those are black comfortable leggings and a printed t-shirt, then go with it. The same is with jeans and jackets. Two pairs would do the trick, one for daily activities, other for fun night out. Pack more light t-shirts which don’t need ironing and can be easily changed since you might be sweating from constant active daily walks.

Basic ‘must-pack’s’

No matter whether you are visiting Europe in summer or winter, for any active vacation, you must pack a PJ, eight pairs of underwear and the same number of socks. It would be handy to pack a comfortable crossbody bag so that you can have your camera, wallet, and telephone always by your side. A small umbrella can also fit in that bag, this is vital if you are visiting London or Amsterdam (in any season). Everything else that you may need, you can buy in almost any store around the continent.

Keep in mind that you are going to Europe and about to have an adventure of a lifetime. Even if you forget to pack a few things, you will surely create unforgettable memories.

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