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How to spot CBD Black Friday scam

Many CBD users can’t wait for seasonal sales or events like Black Friday. Then, they can stock up on cannabidiol supplies without having to rob a bank. Some manufacturers and CBD providers have excellent deals that you shouldn’t miss.

CBD brands offer their goods to the market at specific prices. From time to time, they agree to provide discounts or other benefits to their products. Sales like Black Friday are a great marketing ploy and the right way for companies to get rid of stocks.

When hemp products are on sale, the number of purchases increases. Scammers use this opportunity to ‘sneak in’ their fake goods and offer them a very good offer that you must not miss. Such ads are common during Black Friday sales, so buyers won’t be suspicious.

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That’s why you can often come across fake CBD products at sales. In order not to be fooled, you must know how to recognize counterfeits. No matter how well done, these products can never be as original.

Visual Inspection

If you buy CBD products in physical stores and dispensaries, you can spot the copy. First, you need to pay attention to the packaging – does it look good and safe? Next, you need to check the labels. There should be information on the composition, quantities, as well as an end date. To know what to check, find that information on the Internet before you go shopping.

Buying CBD products online can be tricky, primarily because there is no way to make sure the product is genuine. Try to extract more information from the product photo (provided it is real). Look at the labels, and pay attention to little things like grammatical or syntax errors.

It is not the same if it says ‘dose CBD 100,000 mg’ or ‘CBD 100,000.’ It is clear to you that the latter is impossible, especially if these inscriptions are on small packages. No 100 milliliters of cannabidiol can be put in a 30mL bottle. Very often, such details indicate fraud.

Third-Party Test

The CBD industry is still unregulated, so there must be a way to separate quality and original products from fake and low-quality goods. The third-party test is one of the ways companies prove the originality of their products.

This information must be clearly stated on the packaging of the CBD product itself. On the site of reputable manufacturers, you will find more details about testing and the seal of the independent lab. Falsifying these analyzes is a crime, and no reputable brand will risk that.

Check Manufacturer

The manufacturer’s details are other information that must be stated on the packaging. Given the size of the box label, it is sometimes impossible to put all the information about the company. Still, there must be a website or at least the full name of the company. That’s enough information for you to investigate a particular CBD brand.

CBD companies and providers must be transparent when it comes to cannabidiol and products based on it. The already mentioned third-party test results must also be available on their website. More information, such as those about the origin of hemp plants or the method of cannabidiol extraction, gives you extra confidence that you have come across a trusted CBD manufacturer.

Be sure to check the manufacturer’s website. Today, every reputable brand has its own online business. Pay attention to whether the web page is exclusively commercial and intended for sale (mostly scams, but it does not have to mean), or it can contain useful and informative content (for example, a blog about hemp products, ways of use, explanation of production methods, and so on). On the Internet, you can also find more information about CBD companies second hand. These are reviews, ratings, and experiences of others that can be a useful guideline whether to buy a CBD or not.

Due to the lack of regulation, the market is flooded with hemp copies. Apart from the fact that such goods usually don’t contain cannabidiol, they can also be potentially dangerous. So, before you rush to get your CBD dose at a very affordable price, make sure the good deal is actually a real deal.

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