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9 creative ways to reduce cost on kitchen remodelling

A home remodelling project calls for a significant amount for investment. When you are spending a considerable chunk of your savings, it is crucial for you to ensure that the results aren’t only pleasing but also value-oriented. It is also true for kitchen remodelling. There can be many costs that can quickly increase your budget but can be beneficial for the long-run.

If you want to keep the unnecessary costs out of line and save money in your kitchen remodelling project, we are going to mention some of the creative ways you will be able to get the best results in a tight budget.

Going with Ready-to-Assemble Cabinets

You will have to spend a significant amount of money when you are remodelling the cabinets. They are the most expensive option, especially when you are going custom. You will have to find a good design, built it, and then install it to space already present in your kitchen. When you go with ornate designs and exotic woods, your budget is bound to increase.

If you can’t go custom with your budget, going for ready-to-assemble would be a great option. It comes at half the price of custom designs depending on the cost of installation, style and material. If you can do it yourself, you won’t have to spend extra money on hiring a professional to do it.

Keeping Existing Cabinets

If you are keen to reduce the kitchen remodelling cost, you can try not to change the cabinets, especially if they are in good shape. Resurfacing will be enough to make your kitchen look spectacular. It is unbelievable to see how changing the colour can have a massive impact on transforming a kitchen. Painting and resurfacing is definitely a very cost-effective option, but you will have to ensure that you take the necessary steps for getting a beautiful finish.

Choosing Open Shelving

Open shelving is known to kindle interest, and it is also an excellent option for saving money. Painted planks or salvaged wood will be not only cost-effective but also very functional in displaying the everyday dishes. You can refer to Boss design center to know more about open shelving options.

It can be tempting to use the fitted cabinets because they are efficient and valuable in a small kitchen, but you can give open shelving thought whenever it can blend into the theme.

Choosing Alternative Countertop Materials

You will find plenty of options in countertops such as quartzite, stone, tile, concrete, recyclable products, solid surfaces, and so on. Granite is one of the popular choices when it comes countertops. You can use two different surfaces because they can help in cutting the costs in half.

If your budget can’t gold granite, try out options in laminate or stone. You will find cut-edge profiles and high-definition selections in laminates.

Keeping Appliances Where They Are

If you are planning on getting new cabinets. Try to keep the appliances where you already place them. When you move the electrical appliances, it can be very costly. It can also end up damaging the walls or floor. Therefore, it is better to keep your appliances in their original places.

Looking for Different Alternatives for Islands

Having a 6-foot island with newly-installed cabinets can be quite expensive. Instead of having cabinets in the kitchen island, you can try repurposing a single piece of furniture. An old dresser or table could bring out a unique character in the entire space.

Opting for a Cut-out Instead of Removing a Wall

Many homeowners think of opening up the space of their kitchen for creating an open floor plan. When you remove a wall, there will be several things that you have to consider. Load bearing is a huge question. You will also have to see that electrical running or water pipes will go through or not, and if no, how they should be rerouted. You will also have to cut and repair the floor, other walls, and the ceiling when you remove a wall.

Therefore, a cut-out is a much better option that is cheaper when compared to removing a wall. It will also provide an extra countertop space, which is a great option.

Trying Track Lighting Rather than Recessed Lighting

When you go for recessed lighting, the expense can quickly increase. There will be a lot of things to do such as cutting holes in the ceiling, adding electrical wiring, and so many other hidden costs. Instead, if you go for track lighting, you will successfully be able to cut your expenses down. You will find track lighting in so many different finishes, shapes, and styles. You will get plenty of light as well.

Doing the Remodel in Stages

If you don’t have a big budget, you can think of doing the remodel slowing. There is no hurry and you can do a few changes together and keep the rest of them for later dates. It will spread the remodelling costs over time, which will give you enough time to save for your next project.

You can put up backsplashes any time after you are done with your cabinets and countertops. Choose the ones that are needed right now, and keep the others for a later date. Try to prioritise your needs and make decisions accordingly.


Following these tips mentioned above could be very useful in reducing the cost of remodelling your kitchen significantly. Factor these tips in and plan the changes accordingly.

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