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Lucky bingo numbers from films and TV

Any time we play a game, whether it has a lavish booty up to grab or not, it doesn’t matter. What matters for us is winning.

When it comes to Bingo, this feeling seems to be even stronger.

Despite we are aware that all numbers will be extracted randomly from the “bowl” because each number is the result of pure combination, when the announcer shouts them, we still hope that the fate has its plot to follow, and nothing happens by chance.

How much does luck when you click to play online bingo affect the result? When it comes to fate and luck, none of us has the right answer to that question. What we know for sure is that it is a very important factor. Below we are going to suggest a few “places”, from where you can get the right inspiration to build your luck.

Movies and numbers

As it happens also for other games, Bingo has inspired film directors who have built entire scenes based on it. A few memorable scenes have become popular, and for those who truly believe in karma and luck, we are going to suggest a few amazing scenes which can inspire to make up the right choice when it comes to select bingo-cards. Numbers rule our lives and it is undeniable that there are numbers which seem to have a special relationship with our destiny.

  • The Lottery Ticket – A particular scene of this movie has become famous. The main protagonist of the film is holding the ticket, while from the TV the host reads the entire set of numbers, from that moment on, that guy’s life will never be the same. In that occasion, the sequence of numbers was 4 32 33 42 45 + 21.
  • It Could Happen to You – This movie tells a story about a waitress who sees her life-changing when she meets a policeman who gives her, as a tip, half of a lottery ticket. The young policeman finds himself to face his wife’s anger when he reveals the truth to her just a few moments after they found out that they won the lottery. On the ticket, the set of numbers was 6, 8, 12, 16, 26 + 64.
  • The TV series, Lost – For those who don’t know this movie, we recommend to watch it. The guys whose lives are constantly in danger will often face very weird situations. A series of numbers noted on a few sheets come up quite often, those set of numbers will have a fundamental relevance to find out the truth about the island where they crushed. The sequence is 4 – 8 – 15 – 25 – 47 + 42.
  • Number 23 – More than any other, this movie is constantly “soaked” with numbers. A superb Jim Carrey keeps seeing the number 23 all around him. His life is dominated by unbelievable events all related to this number.

Final thoughts

To make the right decision, the simple reasoning couldn’t be enough, sometimes we need to find out the right lead, looking around us with more accuracy.

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