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6 master bedroom trends you should know about in 2019

The bedroom is one of the most important places in your apartment or house. It’s private, comforting, and is the perfect medium to describe exactly who you are. You personalize your room to fit your personality and way of living out day to day tasks.

Whether you’re a minimalist at heart or you prefer your room to be fully decorated and colorful, these trends are sure to give you the inspiration to add some of the trends below to your sanctuary.

6 Master Bedroom Trends You Should Know About in 2019

Natural Wood

If you are into more of a comforting, natural feel to your room, having some of your furniture be made of wood or wicker would be best for you. Both provide a pleasant and inviting feel that never goes out of style. A darker wooden bed or dresser creates a sophisticated feel to your room that can match with virtually anything or any color that you add to your room. Even having a wicker headboard can be a natural and interesting addition to your bed.

Something that is needed in every bedroom is a good, sturdy night stand. Somewhere to rest your drink or book after a night of reading. Having a wooden nightstand with a touch of gold will always bring a hint of elegance to your bedroom. You can be sure that you will have that night stand for a while, because gold can never be outdated either.

Sophisticated Furniture

If natural and simple aren’t your taste, then you can always turn to adding some surrealism to your bedroom. Furniture that is covered with different colors and patterns, or even shaped in an unusual way is what you are looking for. There are plenty of new pieces that you can find that give a modern and unconventional finish to your bedroom.

Color on White Contrast

Adding wall decorations gives your room that personal touch that no one else can match. It makes your room unique and special to you. If you are someone that loves color and you have a white, blank wall in your room, then adding blue or yellow picture frames, pink or purple flowers, or any other touches of color is a good idea.

It creates a contrast that is visually appealing and highly decorative. This even applies to furniture, like a desk or bed frame. Why not have a bright orange desk chair or a neon yellow dresser?

Concrete or Brick

If you prefer to have a more simple, industrial-style room, then a brick designed wall is what is really popular right now. A darker tiled design works best with lighter colored furniture, and the opposite can be said about a bright red brick wall covering. Both match great with metal furniture to complete that industrial look.

Another full-wall design is a blank concrete wall. Whether you are living in a space that already has one, or you like the look and decide to get concrete wallpaper, this effortless design is beautiful.

Paired with light-colored and airy curtains or bed sheets creates a rugged yet relaxing feel to the room. That is where the beauty of the design forms. Accents and pieces of metallic furniture really tie the room together perfectly.


Your bedding matters. There is nothing quite like the feeling of coming home after a long, busy day and relaxing in your sheets. Nothing beats feeling the softness of your blanket, quilt, comforter wrap you up until you fall asleep.

A big part of your bed is the sheets. You are going to need something soft and comfortable to lay on, regardless of how you have designed your room. Two of the biggest trends right now in that area is Egyptian Cotton. It is made with care with a 300 or 600 thread count which equates to a quality and comfortable product for you to lay on every night. This luxury bedding promises that its condition and comfort are here to last for a while. A feeling that you can only find at home.

Handmade Pieces

One major trend right now is to get some pieces for your bedroom handmade. Having a handmade throw blanket that was designed specifically for you. It’s always nice to know that something was made with you in mind, so why not go online and have one made just the way that you like it.

Whether it’s knitted together in colors of your choice, or designed with images and patterns that you desire from a company online, you know you are getting something that no one else in the world has. This adds even more of an original and individualistic vibe to your room.


Your bedroom is your own. You add the character, creative design, and personality to everything in it from the furniture to that little potted plant on the window sill. You have to live in that room every single day, so why not make it your own?

Adding your own personal twists to some of these trends can give you unique and styled bedroom that you are sure to love.
This article was written by Sebastian Morales, the Founder and CEO of Good & Bed. Prior to Starting Good & Bed, Sebastian was an investment banker based in New York City.

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