p200 micropipette

An insight into the uses of a micropipette in laboratories

Micropipettes are devices popular in laboratories to transfer liquids in very small quantities. They can transfer liquid generally as small as 0.1uL. Scientists use them for biology, forensic science, the discovery of drugs, chemistry and pharmaceutical reasons. They come in various sizes to support specific volume ranges of liquids for use. The common sizes available in the market are P2, P10, P20, P100, P200, and P1000. Some companies in the market manufacture the size P50 as well.

Features of micropipettes besides size and volume

One must note that the size and volume are not the only features of micropipettes in the market. They also vary as per their tips. These tips help the user to aspirate the liquid, and it is the only part of the device that comes into contact with the liquid.

To avert contamination, scientists use a new tip for every liquid sample they deal with. These tips again are different, and one may choose a tip for loading gels, a tip for filters and a tip for low retention.

The user should always choose the right tip for the task at hand. Moreover, the quality of the tip also matters when the liquid is being transferred. One should always carefully research the quality of the tip when purchasing a micropipette from the market.

What are the components of micropipettes?

Micropipettes comprise of the plunger button, dial for adjustment of volume, the button in the form of a tip for ejection, a display for the volume of the liquid, ejector tip, and a shaft. Different devices will have specific capacities for force and volume. They are different in terms of weight and design as well.

Laboratories can get a wide range of devices from the market in different price ranges depending upon their budget. In case, one is not sure about the specific device to use for a project or an experiment, experts in the field may be consulted.

There are both local and online stores where these devices can be purchased. They have skilled and expert representatives in the field to guide and counsel them on the right device to buy for all tests and experiments that use micropipettes for liquid transfers.

Experts in the field maintain one should always use micropipettes with care. It is an instrument whose performance can be hampered if not looked after properly. The device is precise, and one needs to be gentle when using it. In case, one drops it, and the device will stop functioning accurately.

One should never aspirate the liquid into the pipette, or else harsh chemicals will get stuck inside it. These chemicals will build up inside and produce results that are inaccurate. Ensure that one does not jam the tip of the pipette into the instrument as this will give rise to inaccurate results.

In case the tip needs to be jammed inside, and this indicates you need to change the tip. Last but not least, never the dial of the device past or below the volume range as this breaks it and affects performance.

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