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Online slot game myths explained

What is a myth and why human beings feel this strong need to make up stories to explain everything?

Myths are fictional stories having different topics. Since human beings started populating the earth, they have been handing down stories to explain natural phenomena or specific events difficult to explain otherwise.

Well, the advent of casinos and slot machines has seen the rise of many tales about the way these machines work.

Here you are a list of the most popular online slot myths.

Play only on ‘lucky days’

According to some players, the days you play can’t be chosen randomly. Some days are luckier than others indeed. You should avoid the weekends and prefer to play mid-week instead. Also, you should pay attention to the time of the day too and you might get lucky when you play slot games at Slots Baby.

Don’t use bonuses

We all know that one of the main advantages of playing online stands in the number (and variety) of bonuses the casinos make available to you.

OK, then why shouldn’t we use them? According to a popular belief, using bonus offers while playing makes you win less.

If you want to win more, it is better to play a normal game and don’t make use of all these offers.

Choose ‘busier’ slot machines

There is a reason why slot machines are located at specific areas of the casino rather than others. Generally, the logic is that the machines located at busy areas are the luckiest.

Choose slot machines that haven’t paid for a while

If you hear a player screaming for joy, stay away from the machine he’s playing at. If that machine has just paid someone else, it’s unlikely it’s going to release other victories soon.

Always choose slot machines which haven’t paid for a while. This will increase your chances of being successful.

Choose the max bet button

Choose to bet the max. This will increase your chances of winning.

Always avoid playing with the Auto play button activated if you want to win.

Avoid some manufacturers

For many years, there has been a belief that there were specific manufacturers who falsified slots so the best thing to do was to avoid those producers’ games. This is completely untrue. There are no manufacturers which falsify online games.

Some winning strategies you can adopt with slots

After having listed some of the most popular false beliefs on slots, we’d like to indicate you a few strategies you can implement to enhance your chances of being successful. Forget about myths, these tactics come from pure experience so they can be useful.

  • Choose slots with high RTP%.
  • Avoid those with a complicated architecture if you’re a newbie.
  • Choose simple games with a few reels and pay lines instead. Start familiarising with simple slots before. Choose games with more complex architectures only when you are an expert player.
  • Bet max if you are an expert player. If you are new, choose games with low minimum bet requirements so to risk less.
  • Choose a slot with many bonus icons.

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