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On overcoming challenges: a note to your younger self

Let’s go back in time…

Think of a younger version of yourself, think of your memorable past. All the painful and difficult times with lots of challenges, the times that you needed love and empathy most. What if you could give advice to your past self back then? What would it be?

Since you don’t have a time machine, the best way you can do this is by writing a note to your younger self. Writing a note to yourself is cathartic. You can’t turn away from your past, no matter how dark it was.

However, this is the best way to heal your pain, gain clarity, closure, and forgiveness for yourself and others. But most importantly, be able to face such challenges in the future.

Now, if you were to write a note to your younger self about the challenges you’ve faced, what would you tell yourself? What advice would you give your past self?

Here are five points to help you think through.

A Note to Your Younger Self

1. Don’t sweat over things you are not in control of

They are simply not worth it. They are not worth your peace, your tears or any sleepless night. Learn to let things flow, the bad and the good. Focus on what makes you happy and don’t let the bad times take a piece of your happiness. After all, your life is bigger than what you think, and your happiness and success cannot solely depend on one bad experience.

2. Bad times won’t last forever

They only take time.

At times, bad experiences might seem to last forever. Do yourself a favor and treat them like they are not permanent, because they are not. Take the bad times, let them be a learning experience, fix whatever you can, then wait for the good times to roll in. Because they will.

Your happiness should come from those unexpected adventures, from random times with your friends, family and your pets. Don’t let yourself miss out on any of this.

3. In the face of adversity, keep calm

Very often, we act quickly in an effort to overcome our challenges but we end up compounding them. When faced with challenges, keep calm and look at the bigger picture. Allow the dust to settle. While it is important to take action quick action when dealing with adversity, it helps to remain calm as you seek to gain clarity and certainty of your situation.

4. When stuck reach out for help

Most people (especially men) believe that they need to be strong and independent. Reaching out for help makes them feel vulnerable, incompetent and weak.

However, asking for help has nothing to do with being weak or incompetent. It is a sign that we have recognized that there is a problem and we need support from our friends or relatives to overcome it.

Find a person who you can share your struggles with and solicit their advice for a different approach to your challenges.

5. Try not to take life too serious

Ease up, have fun and don’t take things so seriously. Once you have put your best at something, learn to let go and have fun.

However, make sure to choose fun activities that are not detrimental to your life and family. For example, you can go on an adventure, nature walk or play your favorite sport. You can also choose to stick at home and do some home improvements like, painting, window tinting, backyard farming, reading, crafts- or anything else of benefit that will help you unwind and stay eased up.

Back to the present- unleash your inner strength by writing to yourself

Writing to yourself gives you a bird’s eye view of your life. It helps you learn from your mistakes and creates a sense of tender self-love and responsibility in life. No matter what you have been through, develop a writing culture- then use it to shape your journey of greatness.

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