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You’re unhealthy and you know it

Health related topics have been googled by 93 million Americans. That number is 80% of U.S. Internet users. Clearly, people are health conscious. What is astounding and very concerning is that the U.S. ranks as the third most health conscious country in the world, yet the U.S. ranks as one of the most unhealthiest countries in the world. However, a country that is so health conscious should also be one of the healthier countries. The reasons why the U.S. is so unhealthy is due to several factors. First, it is ...

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9 bulletproof tips to lose extra pounds and boost health

People often try the most complicated diets and resort to complex life changes to lose extra pounds. However, they often forget that the secret is in simplicity. Take a look at these bulletproof and science-backed tips that will help you achieve and maintain your desired weight while optimizing your overall health. Choose Your Food Wisely A strict diet is not essential, but you need to add some healthy rules to your nutrition. For starters, you need to pick your food wisely. In the morning, it is always a smart move ...

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Warm up with kettlebells

Kettlebells can form the basis for an entire workout regimen, but they can also be used to warm up before your regular workout. The offset weight distribution of it requires more muscle groups to contract and stabilize than if you were using a dumbbell or a barbell. The warm up routine we’ve created focuses on developing underutilized areas that are crucial to performing lifts safely, such as the core, shoulders, and glutes. Prior to performing the kettlebell warm up, perform light cardio for your body. Cycle for 10 minutes on ...

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