anger management

Anger management therapy

Anger management programs offer the individual plenty of information regarding techniques and strategies for dealing with anger. Is there anger management therapy available for those who feel the need to take their treatment a step further? In the early 1970's, a psychiatrist named Aaron T. Beck, M.D, developed an anger management therapy focusing on problem-solving. This therapy initially called Cognitive Therapy is now also known as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy or CBT. Beck worked with patients for years using his psychiatric knowledge but was burdened to see his patient's treatment making only ...

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tennis player training

The psychology of physical fitness for tennis players

Physical fitness is one of the great essentials of match play. Keenness can only be acquired if the physical, mental and nervous systems are in tune. Consistent and systematic training is essential to a tournament player. Regular hours of sleep and regular, hearty food at regular hours are necessary to keep the body at its highest efficiency. Food is particularly important. Eat well, but do not over-eat, particularly immediately before playing. I believe in a large hearty breakfast on the day of a big match. This should be taken by ...

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casper mattress review

Casper mattress

Do you want to have a great and sweet sleep? Casper mattresses hold your answer. Can you imagine having a mattress that feels new for a whole decade? That's awesome, right? Casper mattress makes you look forward to a good night sleep and lots of naps during the day as well. Casper mattress gives you that feel of sleeping in a dreamy cloud. This is because it gives you that extra support your back needs so badly to stay aligned. If you want to have a night of proper spine ...

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