planter box flowers

Depth and width of planter will ensure proper growth of plants

If the planter is not of the right type and quality then your investment to build a home garden may be futile. Improper planter boxes will prevent the plants to grow and reach to its fullest potential and optimal health. All plants, whether you grow it indoors or it grows naturally outdoors, will need a lot of sunshine, fresh air and nutrients from the soil for its proper growth, healthy and disease free life. To ensure that you get all of the above, you will need to choose the right ...

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Co-sleeping – advantages and disadvantages

The topic of co-sleeping with your baby is one of those controversial parenting issues that divide parents into two camps: those who can’t advocate it highly enough, and those who wouldn’t touch it with a bargepole. Supporters believe it is natural and nurturing and cite that we are the only animals who don‘t routinely sleep next to their newborns, while others believe it increases the risk of cot death and promotes bad sleeping habits which are hard to break as the baby gets older. So who is right, and can ...

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friends and foes

Friends and foes: their significance in our lives

Friends and foes, though they start with the same letter, are completely different in significance in our lives. In reality, we yearn to have good friends only. I understand that only good and compassionate friends can beautify our lives. The people who we think are our enemies can only make our lives hell. We ignore them or just fight them, don’t we? But, if you believe in light and darkness, you also have to admit that both the aspects of human beings in the form of friends or foes, have ...

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