Colosseum in Rome Italy

Taking a trip to Rome? Taxi alternatives from Fiumicino airport to the city

For many people taking a trip to Rome is something for them to cross off their ‘to-do’ list. From the Colosseum to the Piazza Navona it’s a feast for the eyes - and the stomach does pretty well out of it too. Rome has held true to its cultural and historical dishes by serving what was once considered ‘poor man's food’ with such aplomb that Italian food is world renowned for its deliciousness. The airport alone has a wide selection in Boarding Area B you will find a buffet from ...

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luxury american house

How to make your home look luxurious on a budget

You want to have a high-end looking home. Apart from replacing the outdoor furniture you purchased a few years back and installing the cosy custom closets Miami; you want to do a full remodel of your house and ensure it conforms to the high standards that the 21st century demands. Unfortunately, you are on a tight decorating budget. One of the misconceptions created around home décor is that it has to be expensive. For a fact, there is no relation between ‘expensive’ and ‘beauty.’ This means that there are a ...

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girl shiny hair

7 tips to boost your hair shine naturally

Shiny hair? For some people it’s something natural. For others, only a desire. Several reasons stand in the way of having a healthy lustrous hair. For some, taking a deep in the salty water for a swim is the whole reason their hair is dry and unhealthy. Others just have to deal with humidity, heat, product build-up, among other factors. Luckily for anyone, hair shine is something that can be naturally achieved from home, without needing the help of a hair stylist or a bunch of hair products to get ...

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