cane corso dogs

How to properly look after and feed your Cane Corso

No matter what dog you have, they are no doubt a treasured part of your family. The friendships we have with our pets are very unique, and the love they provide us with is almost amazing. It may sound a little harsh to say, but the majority of their lives are spent with the sole aim of loving us and pleasing us. That’s why we need to show our dogs the same unconditional love, which is easier said than done. Yes, we can cuddle them and take them walks all ...

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students in school uniform

Should students be required to wear a uniform?

A school uniform is an old tradition respected by many educational institutions. At the same time, there are schools whose boards do not require young people to wear it. Which approach is more reasonable? There is a burning controversy between proponents and opposes of standardized garments. What do you think about it? Experts from ProPapers have prepared the list of pros and cons to help you take a well-informed decision. Advantages of school uniforms 1. Equality Peers won’t say to a person from a poor family that one is a ...

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black white sneakers

Pumped-up kicks – 7 sneaker trends to jump on

Wild street fashion is rarely complete without kicks from leading athletic brands and designer houses. And, recently, indie brands have been sharing the spotlight for their innovative sneakers designs. In the streets of Harajuku, sneakerheads have a ball checking out a wide variety of these athleisure footwear on locals. From avant-garde options created by Japan's imaginative local designers to cyber-futuristic sneaker designs, eco-responsible pairs, and those made of unexpected materials, you'll find them all here. It's no wonder that when it comes to kicks trends, the global fashion community always ...

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