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Students’ guide to living in San Francisco

There are so many people thinking about moving to San Francisco and the as a result, the city has a growing population. It has a global tech reputation, lots of public transport, great weather and so many more amazing benefits. It may be expensive but there is a reason why so many people want to relocate there. If you are planning on moving to San Francisco as a student, here are some tips to help you settle in well. Tips to help you settle in San Francisco Save your money ...

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Ultimate guide: intermittent fasting

You’ve heard of intermittent fasting. But you’re not sure what it is, or why it’s become one of the most popular trends in the health and fitness world. Not to worry. In this Ultimate Guide: Intermittent Fasting, we’ll go over what it is, what the different methods to intermittent fasting are, the pros and cons, and whether it works for weight loss. Enjoy. What is intermittent fasting? Intermittent fasting is a pattern of eating. Contrary to belief, it’s not a diet. People who choose to do intermittent fasting skip meals ...

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Why is the Berlin Marathon the fastest?

The Berlin Marathon is known as one of the most exciting marathons over the world. Germany transforms their world-class city into one of the most picturesque races known in the running world, attracting more than 44,000 participants during the final week of September each year. The Berlin Marathon is also known to be one of the fastest - if not outright the fastest - marathon to participate. Like many athletic competitions, some of this is mental, but most of this is actually rooted in fact. Marathons can widely vary - ...

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