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Pros and cons of using Quick Fix Synthetic Urine 6.2 3oz

Synthetic urine is urine which is made in the laboratory to simulate, mimic and look and smell exactly like real human urine. There are many products out there which are labelled synthetic urine but the one which comes with a number of very positive reviews and testimonials is Quick Fix Synthetic Urine 6.2, you can check that for yourself. Quick Fix 6.2 is the latest version of their product, Quick Fix products are being regularly updated to take into account any of the changes in drug testing procedures. It contains all of the constituent parts of real urine, so water, creatinine, uric acid and so on and smells exactly like real urine. In addition, it is completely toxin free and it is the right quick fix formula.

So what would be the pros and cons of using Quick Fix 6.2

  • It cannot be separated from real urine in terms of look, smell, constituent parts, density and PH value.
  • Synthetic urine has a number of uses and one possible use would be by the domestic customer who would like to be able to keep other people’s pets and animals out of their gardens. The smell of the urine can act as a deterrent.
  • Farmers may find a similar use so as to be able to protect their precious crops especially at the early stages of growing.
  • Synthetic urine is a ‘cleaner’ alternative for those with sex fetishes.
  • If you have friends with a similar sense of humour, it can be used as a prank at a party or event. You can purchase a strap on dispenser and make it look as if you couldn’t quite manage to go to the toilet. This type of prank however would not be appropriate for everyone, as there would be those who could take offence.
  • Another reason that people may choose to go for Quick Fix 6.2 would be if they wanted to swap their own urine for the synthetic urine prior to having their own urine analysed. It may be that the person has ingested a substance which they cannot afford to have show on a test. When we ingest a drug for example, traces of the drug can be found in our system much later and often days after we have taken it. If you start a new job, if you are arrested by the police, if you are an athlete entering a sporting event and for many other reasons, you may be asked to provide a urine sample for testing.
  • You will need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and heat the product to the required temperature in order to be able to fully mimic the properties of real urine.
  • The 3oz size will allow you room for spillage if preparing a sample.
  • Quick Fix Synthetic Urine 6.2 is easily purchase online and will be delivered to your home quickly.
  • It has a use by date which should be adhered to to ensure that the product has not deteriorated.

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