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7 best reasons to book a personal chef

Cooking is not rocket science. Isn’t it? That is until you head to the kitchen and realize numerous recipes need prepping and cooking. Then, it hits you; it’s not as easy as you thought. You look at the fridge, and it’s empty. There is a long list of grocery and some items on the list you have never heard of before. There is a guest list that needs your attention. Some things on the list are to be bought the morning of the party, so they remain fresh, and on and on.

In such a situation of panic, the only option that seems to bring relief is by hiring a personal chef or a catering service provider. So, we thought we would provide you with more reasons why you need to book a personal chef for your party or wedding. Here are some expert advice on Quora why you should hire a personal chef.

1. Affordable Food and Less Wastage

Let’s be upfront about it; you probably have cooked in no more than a few parties at best or most likely never cooked for parties. A personal chef is experienced and may have prepared food for hundreds of private parties; they are efficient and reduce wastage. Not to mention, they know the best places to purchase ingredients of high quality at low cost. Over the years, they have developed relationships with grocery mongers, which they leverage to obtain things at a discount you might never get.

Food wastage in a party can increase if you handled the cooking yourself, which can add to the cost. Since personal chefs know the appropriate portion, they can reduce wastage and save you money on the extra food while keeping the guests satisfied. Not to mention the calories, a chef knows his portion and keeps the calories in check.

2. Saves you Time

It is not the cooking alone that consumes time. The arduous and cumbersome trips to the supermarket and the farmers market can take a lot of time. Prepping the ingredient, cooking, setting the table, ensuring all the food is available in their ideal temperature, and tending to the needs of the guest can be tiring and take almost all the time you have. Hiring a catering Melbourne service provider, they will handle all these activities for you, allowing you time to receive the guests and enjoy the party. With the help of a personal chef, the party will be a fun event for you rather than a burden.

3. The Freshness of Ingredients and Food

When you hire a chef all things assures you will get the best of the best ingredients. The meat will be super fresh. As we discussed earlier, the chef knows where to get the best produce. They can use native Australian produce to spice things on the dinner plate. They can source the local meat such as Kangaroo to prepare a delicious meal that your guests will love.

4. Customizable Menu

Unlike in a restaurant, where the menu is predetermined, when you hire a personal chef you can choose to cook anything you like. You can ask the catering service provider to suggest a wide range of options that you can choose from. In fact, you can also build your own menu with the ingredients you have in mind. When you hire a personal chef, you can customize the menu to suit your budget. You can go for ingredients that are in season and ask the chef to construct dishes around those ingredients. The sky is the limit with personal chefs.

5. Bond with the Guest

If you are busy cooking and taking care of the arrangements, there will be hardly any time for you to chat with the guests. With a personal chef, you have free time from cooking and prepping, so you can pay more attention to important stuff like preparing the guest list, receiving the guests, and most of all having a good time at the party.

6. Do Away with After Party Hassle

After parties are the worst, you have had all the fun, and there is a hangover. The last thing you want to do is pick up the broom and start gathering the mess the party has created. A catering service provider takes this hassle away and performs this hectic task for you.

7. Bond with the Chef and Learn from the Best

At some point in our lives, we have all encounter this, we loved the dish so much we wanted to meet the chef and get some pointers. It is not possible at a restaurant; however, with a personal chef, you can appreciate them, have a chat, and ask for the secrets behind the mouthwatering dish.

Hiring a personal chef has so many benefits when compared to cooking yourself. They allow you to enjoy a party without worrying about anything. The possibility of dishes going wrong is almost zero. With this list of benefits, we hope that you are reassured that hiring a personal chef is a good choice.

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