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What you need to know before using a sear station on a gas grill

There are many methods that are used to cook food and all provide subtle differences in flavour. You can choose to boil, roast, grill, bake or fry and all of the methods will involve different temperature requirements, according to what you are cooking and your desired result. Searing is a method of cooking food which uses extremely high temperatures and temperatures of 500°F are not uncommon. Searing is commonly carried out using a sear station which allows for a higher concentration of heat at a particular part of your gas grill.

Browning is often confused with searing but browning food involves cooking food, using grilling or frying for example, until the outer area turns brown. There is however no comparison in the temperatures that are used, searing uses much higher temperatures and the look and texture of the food is completely different. Searing is used in order to give the food a crisp, crusted and caramelised outer shell. Often in seared foods, you will notice the trademark lines which move across the food, commonly seen in steaks.

Searing can provide a contrast between say softer meat on the inside and the crisper coating on the outside. People would sear their meat to improve on the flavour and the texture and if an aesthetically appealing plate is what you are after, a piece of seared meat can certainly add appeal. It is not just steaks that are seared, you can sear pork, fish, other meats and even vegetables – if you want to learn more then head over to

Before using your sear station on a gas grill, be aware of the following points:

  • Preheating is essential in order to achieve a temperature that is hot enough to sear, check your temperature before beginning.
  • Make sure that you are working on a clean surface to ensure that you get an effective sear, you need to have proper contact between the metal and the meat.
  • If you need to use an oil, make sure that the oil you choose is suitable for heating at high temperatures. It is worth investigating the different types of oils if you need to use them, as with searing, you are using an extremely high temperature. When you use the wrong oil, harmful by products can be produced which can pose a risk to your health.
  • Be aware of the extremely high temperatures and make sure that you don’t allow children near the sear station.
  • Searing meat can provide a very unique taste and enthusiasts would consider it the best way to cook meat as it is cooked in a very uniform manner.
  • Searing your meat doesn’t take long so be careful not to over cook.

Using a sear station can be a fabulous and memorable way to have a family dinner. You can invite all of the family round and instead of being stuck cooking in the kitchen, it can make for a very sociable time in the outdoors. Children and adults alike enjoy the unique flavours of the foods and by being very creative, you can cook some very interesting dishes. It is all about building flavours and texture. With practice, you can perfect the technique so that you get it right every time.

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