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How to rock silver bangle bracelets in 7 easy steps

Silver jewelry is trending today and for many reasons. For ages, silver has remained a popular form of jewelry due to its beauty, affordability, versatile designs and healing properties. If you want to turn heads, you can buy sterling silver bangles bracelets to upgrade your jewelry collection. Sterling silver bangles are chic, stylish and easy to wear with any outfit and for any occasion. Now there’s a style for everyone when it comes to these accessories and whatever look you want to achieve, you can never go wrong with these bracelets. Well, these bracelets are readily available but you have to wear them right to get the most out of their exquisite qualities. Below are some tips to help you rock your sterling silver bracelets like a star. Keep reading.

1. Choose a Bracelet That Reflects Your Style

With so many bracelet options on the market, most ladies become overwhelmed when choosing what to wear. From silver cuffs, jangly silver bangle bracelets to antique charm bracelets, there is something for everyone and to suit any style. To rock your bracelets comfortably, you need to find a design that suits your style and personality. If you are an outgoing person with an active lifestyle, you can choose large stunning bracelets that suit your lifestyle. If you don’t like calling attention to yourself, go for a muted but charming sterling silver bracelet.

2. Choose the Appropriate Outfit For Your Bracelet

One of the hardest things to pull off when wearing accessories is the right outfit and this also applies to bracelets. Now, sterling silver bracelets have a unique characteristic charm and you must allow them to shine through your outfit. For instance, three-quarter sleeves or shorter would look fantastic when you’re wearing your bracelets. Silver goes well with bright colors or cooler colors. For instance, you can add some sparkle to your all-black outfit with a beautiful sterling silver bracelet.

3. Choose Other Accessories Carefully

If you want your sterling silver bracelets to work perfectly for an overall look, make sure you choose other accessories wisely. Hats, scarves, silver watch among other accessories will look good. However, you must avoid a bag because it instantly diminishes the look you wanted to achieve with your silver bracelets.

4. Mix and Match

You can also mix up designs, colors and textiles. It is an excellent opportunity to bring out the best in your outfit and accessories. If you are after a unique look, there’s no better way to achieve it than going for a mix and match the look with your bracelets and the rest of accessories. Make sure your look appears intentional and not sloppy. Make sure you have some asymmetry in the mix and match look for the silver bracelets to occupy the focal point.

5. Stack Bracelets For a Chic Look

It is easy to stack up silver bracelets because most cases they are sold in multiples and at very low prices. However, make sure you only wear very well-polished silver bangle bracelets together if you want to achieve that cool, stylish look. These bracelets will go perfectly with a pair of jeans and a girly top.

6. Add Pearl Accents For an Elegant Style

There are no limits to the looks you can achieve with your sterling silver bracelets. You can go for a bangle bracelet with pearl accents for an elegant style. Pearls and other gemstones when added to your bracelet instantly tune it up in class and give you an enviable elegant look. If you want to add some glamour to your outfit, go for a silver bracelet with a beautiful stone and you will get that desired impact in an instant.

7. Choose a Bracelet For the Occasion

It is tough to dress for a specific occasion and it gets harder when you have to choose a bracelet. Now, you have to tone it down for a formal meeting because you don’t want to disturb the serious atmosphere with your clanking silver bangles. On the other hand, you don’t want to go to a beach party while donning a silver bangle with a diamond in it. It will feel too ostentatious for the occasion. In essence, consider the occasion and choose a sterling silver bracelet that suits it.

You can now buy sterling silver bangles wholesale and get different pieces to suit different occasions. Make sure you get quality hallmarked silver jewelry from a reputable jeweler. With these tips, you can now wear sterling silver bracelets comfortably.

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