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Simple tips for DIY lawn care

A beautiful and neat lawn is a wonderful sight. Your own piece of nature is a lovely add-on to your property. It gives each yard a completely different look than when it is dominated by concrete or asphalt. All that greenery is a real blessing for your eyes, mind, and soul.

Careful planting and proper maintenance will ensure the equal density of your fresh, green lawn. Plus, you can save a lot of money on lawn care if you learn how to do it yourself. You can also get a sense of accomplishment while completing the project.


Your lawn looks best during the growing season, from spring to autumn. In order for the grass to be succulent and green throughout the summer, regular feeding is a must. The first fertilization can be done with peat (once every spring), after which you should start with artificial fertilizers. After fertilizing, abundant watering is necessary so that the nutrients can reach the root system fast.

Mowing Is a Science

Regular lawn maintenance involves mowing the green area every two weeks. The rule of thumb is to never cut more than one-third of the height of the grass in the first year. In the later years, you will lower the blade height if your lawn is dense enough. Regular mowing can help you detect parasites and pests in the grass. Also, it will provide smoother watering and fertilization.

There is not much science when it comes to mowing. Depending on the size of the green area, you will opt for one of the mowers from this page. Mowing lengthwise and crosswise gives a darker color than a high cut in only one direction. Plus, it makes the grass lush and juicy.

Don’t Neglect Raking

Raking is just as necessary as mowing. Don’t let this task out, especially in the spring when the grass is bad or covered with various organic waste. Raking should be done several times a year, and it is best to use flexible wire rakes. That will comb grass sods, increase the positive effect of mowing and prevent the weed spread.

Regular Weed Removal

Weed can make your lawn look untidy. Its appearance can be a sign of nutrient deficiencies or bad grass seeds. So don’t cut corners on their quality, as only high-grade seeds can fight the weed.

Use pre-emergence herbicides on time. You can do that right after the second mowing. That will keep weed seeds from sprouting, so you’ll have fewer problems later. You can use chemical treatments to prevent and eliminate weeds. It’s recommended to read the instructions on every product before applying it.


The secret of a beautiful and lush lawn is in a sufficient amount of water. It will depend on the climate and the precipitation. Also, you have to adjust the amount of water to the soil type. Use a rain gauge device to check the humidity of the lawn before watering.

Early morning is the ideal time for watering. The grass will dry all day, and the water won’t evaporate at once. Avoid watering at noon and in the evening. If it’s too hot during the day, the water will evaporate before reaching the roots. Also, drops can remain on the grass overnight, creating a perfect humid environment for fungus growth.

If you live in an arid area, consider lawn sprinklers for your lawn. These are simple systems that won’t break your budget. They will ensure a constant flow of water and prevent soil dehydration.

Using Mulch

You could use natural stones and mulch to create lawn edges and prevent grasses from overgrowing. They will also keep weeds out and prevent mold spread. A good edge also ensures easier mowing and makes your yard look beautiful.

But mulch is not only decorative. The soil covered with this organic layer is protected and needs less watering, fertilizing, and weed removal. Mulch prevents excessive drying and weed occurrence and improves soil structure. It also promotes soil aeration.

The lawn is the basis of your yard. It takes a little effort for fresh and green grass, along with other elements, to adorn your garden. And without gardening skills, you can follow some simple tips that will make maintaining this green area peace of cake.

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