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5 simple truths to help keep your relationship strong

Sometimes we can start to make our relationship more difficult than it really is. We can create problems, cause fights, and even head towards breakups because we forget the simple truths that keep a relationship strong.

1. Men and Women Are Different

John Gray, the author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, has explained this very well. Women and men think, react, and act differently in many situations, so when you are trying to get your partner to react like you do, and get upset when he or she doesn’t, then you are forgetting this simple truth.

If you are not aware of the differences between men and women then go out and read John Gray’s books. You will soon realize that the annoying habit your partner has during communication is actually the way he or she communicates – and you will develop a greater understanding of why he or she does that… and more importantly stop fighting it.

2. You and Your Partner Are Different

Not only are men and women different, but you and your partner are different! You both have unique interests, habits, and beliefs, and that means that you are not going to act or react in the same manner in every situation.

Allowing your partner to be themselves is a great gift you can give to them and your relationship. They don’t have to conform to your way of doing things – they have their own way, and if you allow them to be themselves then they will allow you to be yourself and a nice harmony in the relationship will soon follow.

3. You Have to Take Action If You Want a Better Relationship

Successful relationships are not made by sitting on the couch and ignoring each other. You have to pay attention to your partner and your relationship, and work on areas that need to be worked on; otherwise, your relationship can end up in a bad place.

Your relationship will not improve if you don’t take action – in fact, it will most likely worsen. Even if you are in a healthy relationship, you have to keep taking action towards making your relationship stronger – if you don’t it will surely start to go downhill.

4. You Can’t Change Your Partner

No matter how hard you try you can’t change your partner to be exactly the way you want them to be. It’s just a simple truth.

Your partner has become who he or she is because of their history, beliefs, habits, family, and a host of other reasons. They have become who they are through years of practice and you can’t make them someone else by telling them to be, or wanting them to be, different. Change comes from within, not from someone forcing you to be different.

The only person you can change is yourself, and you would be surprised at how changing yourself can affect your partner to choose to be different as well.

5. Your Partner Can Not Make You Happy and You Can Not Make Them Happy

This can be hard for many people. We can start to expect our partners to lift us up and make us smile, but the simple truth is that nothing they do can make us happy – we either choose to be happy or we don’t.

Just as change comes from within so does happiness. You have to decide to be happy in order to be happy. Your partner can lift your spirits up even more when you are feeling good, but the initial happiness has to start with you.

Once you realize this you can stop being angry or hurt that your partner is not doing everything in their power to make you feel good 24 hours and day and start taking the responsibility to be happy into your own hands. It feels much better, trust me.

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