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Pumped-up kicks – 7 sneaker trends to jump on

Wild street fashion is rarely complete without kicks from leading athletic brands and designer houses. And, recently, indie brands have been sharing the spotlight for their innovative sneakers designs.

In the streets of Harajuku, sneakerheads have a ball checking out a wide variety of these athleisure footwear on locals. From avant-garde options created by Japan’s imaginative local designers to cyber-futuristic sneaker designs, eco-responsible pairs, and those made of unexpected materials, you’ll find them all here.

It’s no wonder that when it comes to kicks trends, the global fashion community always turns its peepers on the Tokyo scene. So, what are the leading trends? Seven of them are listed below.

1. Boyish BaShes (Basketball Shoes) for Gals

More and more young females are investing in fancy Nike Air Jordans and other basketball shoes, not only for comfort but also for style. You’ll find them pairing everything from mom shorts-based OOTDs to flowy linen dresses with BaShes because mondo sneakers create the illusion of slimmer legs.

“We love you BaShes, but it’s ultimately not about you but our legs,” say the ladies.

2. Food Sneaks

The fashion incline toward funky and weird prints and patterns on footwear remains strong, and very few will choose to miss out on food-themed kicks.

Two popular offerings are Gucci’s fruity Ace Leather Strawberry Print Sneakers and Nike’s in-your-face Pepperoni Pizza sneakers, which are a collaboration with American pro skateboarder, Stefan Janoski.

3. Lace-Free Sneakers

Sneakers with no laces are in as well because, for some, there’s just no time to spare for tying their shoes. Fortunately, when it comes to lace-free kicks, there are countless designs to choose from.

For something high-end and high-tech, you have Balenciaga’s neon speed sneakers. For something anime-inspired and futuristic, you have the Reebok Pump Supreme that tighten around the feet with air when you press on the pump. You also have different offerings from both designer and athletic brands that make use of velcro enclosures.

4. Baka-Baki (Mismatched Style)

For this trend, you basically buy two pairs of sneakers in identical designs but in different colors. You simply take one shoe from each pair to wear together for a little fashion twist. This practice has spread out of Harajuku and crossed over to the KPop scene in Seoul, and even to the streets of London.

5. Old School Catalog Models

Vintage designs from the ’80s and ’90s are making a strong comeback as well. Since fashion goes through cycles, stylish millennials are only just discovering the oldie but goldie sneakers of yesteryears.

Adidas Stan Smiths in white are fave tennis shoes that go with pretty much everything. Meanwhile, ASICS Gel Extreme Hi, whose draw factor was a strap over the ankle and a cantilevered outsole, pushes for that retro in the metro vibe.

For other OG options, check out what the characters of “Stranger Things” are wearing on the show. Pay no mind to the profusion of awful hairdos; just focus on the kicks.

6. ’90s Hip-Hop Sneakers

The revival of hip-hop fashion has made baggy clothes and outrageously colored clothes trendy yet again. The hot air balloon-like proportions of clothing won’t ever look right unless you’re donning Timbs or hi-top sneakers.

Thus, the Fila 95 Grant Hill is worth adding to your collection, along with the Air Jordan 3, Puma Suede, and Ewing 33 Hi.

7. Leaving the Tags On

Yup – you don’t need to take off the tags anymore. Let the world see the price you had to pay for your sneakers and let the tags dangle every time you walk. Old-fashioned folks may look at your footwear in obvious disdain, but just keep walking.

Think of the tags as free accessories. Moreover, if you’re the type that only wears shoes once and then sells them, those tags can always serve as proof of authenticity.

Kicks, sneakers, or rubber shoes are a bedrock of street fashion since long ago.

It’s nice to keep up with the trends for them, so anytime you want to look cute and comfortable for a day out, you have styling inspirations to tap into for more creative, unique looks.

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