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Students’ guide to living in San Francisco

There are so many people thinking about moving to San Francisco and the as a result, the city has a growing population. It has a global tech reputation, lots of public transport, great weather and so many more amazing benefits. It may be expensive but there is a reason why so many people want to relocate there. If you are planning on moving to San Francisco as a student, here are some tips to help you settle in well.

Tips to help you settle in San Francisco

  1. Save your money – a quick online search will show you how expensive housing can be in San Francisco. There are countless articles on the housing crisis and housing bubble. San Francisco has the nation’s most expensive rent and the general cost of living is higher. Consider co-living spaces as home affordability is a struggle in many parts of the city. With co-living you have the benefit of living in an above average place while paying significantly lower.
  2. Explore the neighbourhoods – when looking for the best neighbourhood to settle down in, ensure that you take your time to choose well. So many of the neighbourhoods in San Francisco are household names because each place has its own unique character and offerings.
  3. Cook your own food – as a student, this may not seem like a great idea however you will save so much on costs if you decide to cook by yourself. The city has amazing produce available so even if you are not familiar with how to cook, take some lessons. Cooking your own food can help you stick to your budget.
  4. San Francisco is festive – there are so many festivals happening in San Francisco and it is a great way to get familiar with the city. Throughout the year you will find art festivals, food and drink festivals and cultural festivals. Check out a list of the festivals taking place near you.
  5. Appreciate Art – There is so much of art in San Francisco, from the streets to the museums, there is so much to love about the San Francisco art scene. Visit the amazing galleries and museums available throughout the city to really appreciate all that the city has to offer you.
  6. Find your crew – San Francisco is very open and accepting. It is a great opportunity to get to be yourself and find people who share your interests. There is a group of people for every type of person with any kind of hobby.
  7. SF is very foggy – You may have heard that SF fog is no joke and this is so true. Some neighbourhoods in SF are foggier than others but it is something that all the city’s residents deal with.
  8. Microclimates – SF is home to many different microclimates. Depending on where you choose to stay, it may be significantly hotter or colder in another part of the city. Luckily there are many apps available that allow you to track the temperatures in different parts of the city.
  9. Become a dog lover – SF has more dogs than children. If you don’t like dogs, you may want to get friendly with them or you may end up feeling uncomfortable. If you are worried about how you will meet new people, get a dog. This is a great ice breaker for getting to know people around you.
  10. Understand how travel works – In SF there are two public transit options, BART and MUNI. Both have their detractors, they allow you to live in an amazing place like SF without owning a car. If you are looking for a place to stay, ensure that you are nearby public transportation to make your commute easier and stress free. Ensure that there is a route from where you live, to where you are working or studying.

More Tips

  • You can always work out how far your pay check will go simply by using online cost of living calculators. Fill in San Francisco’s zip code and get an estimate on housing, taxes and food costs in SF.
  • If you are moving to San Francisco, it is important that you understand how the change will impact on your monthly budget. You can speak with a financial advisor for assistance.

Moving to San Francisco is an exciting change, especially with all the prospective careers and lifestyle changes. Make sure you do your homework first to ensure that it is the ideal place for you.

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