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6 essential tips for a stylish living room interior décor

Our living room is usually the central place in our house. It’s where we host our parties, greet our guests, and unwind when we come home from work, so it’s very important to make it as pleasant as it can possibly be. If your living room is well-decorated then it will compel people to spend time inside it, and adding a few personal touches to make it look warmer and more beautiful isn’t hard at all. Are you looking for ways to freshen everything up and bring in some new décor? Then take a look at our suggestions and you can give your home a nice makeover.

Pick the right color

While you might be eager to immediately jump to whatever the current color trends are, it’s wise to wait and actually think about what kind of feeling you wish the living room to invoke. Do you want to feel calm and soothed? Then pale blue and white is a good choice. Do you want it to represent your bright personality? Then go for something a little bolder, like peach or deep crimson. If comfort is your aim, then try incorporating natural, woody colors and elements that will make the space feel more approachable.

Bring in the carpets

You need good flooring in your living room – fitting a nice carpet preserves the floor itself and gives you something cozy to rest your feet on. It’s also a good design detail to add because it gives you the chance to pick a more vivid color. For example, try a turquoise wall-to-wall carpet to bring some brightness into your cool-toned room, or go for rosy pink if you like floral details.

Get clever with good lighting

Having a bright living room is important, but you also want to be able to dim the lighting occasionally to set the atmosphere. Invest in high-quality chandeliers and install a dimmer switch, and that way you can easily adjust everything. You should also find a way to manage the natural lighting that the room gets. In countries like Australia, shutters are actually a common design detail because they both serve a practical purpose and simply look classically beautiful. Since heat is a frequent issue, finding protective plantation shutters in Sydney is often the most elegant solution because they protect the living room and give it a lot of visual interest. If you pick timber as your material of choice, then you’ll also give everything a nice, organic vibe that will match other wooden details in the room quite well.

Create a focal point

It usually used to be a fireplace, but if we’re being completely honest, nowadays it’s probably your TV set. The whole family tends to gather around it to watch their shows, movies, and sports games, and it’s probably the main source of entertainment. Since it’s already something you naturally turn towards every day, make sure that part of the room is where you focus your décor. Pick a good TV cupboard or a large shelf and stack it with books and ornaments, or if you have a mounted TV, use paintings to draw more visual attention to that part of the room.

Add luxury with curtains

Changing the curtains is a really quick way to give the room a fresh makeover. If you’ve been sticking to minimalist drapery, now’s a good time to go in with something bold and pick a vivid color that will break the monotony.

Invest in art collections

Hanging up several pieces of art is always a good idea, but how do you make them look cohesive? A lot of homes tend to just pile random things together and end up with a discordant mishmash, but you can easily avoid that if you invest in collections rather than single pieces of art. Maybe a series of painting with a similar subject, or figurines made by one artist – just pick a theme and stick to it.

And of course, don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone. Try some of our tips and add your own personal touch to everything, and you should be looking at much better living room décor.

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