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Summer 2019 trendy outfits you should wear on a date

Yeah, trends can be a real bummer to follow. But when it comes to fashion, you can be highly individual, combining statement marks of your own style and following someone’s path. And when it comes to dating, it’s a double bummer to find a good outfit. But don’t worry; we’ve got your back! Good thing 2019 fashion offers a nice palette of colors, like Fiesta, Jester Red, Living Coral, Pink Peacock, Turmeric, Aspen Gold, and Princess Blue. If you want to know more about the main color of the year, check the official Pantone Institute site. Now, let’s review the best fashion summer trends of 2019.

Beach chic

Summer beach clothes have to be present in each and every house, no matter how far you live from the sea. A lot of fashion houses this year released their version of summer beach collection, including Michael Kors, Chanel, and Etro.

Straw and bowl hats, whimsical patterns, and 80’s rock band T-shirts, combined with a straw wicker bag are all the rage.

Sport queen

Sport style has been a boom for more than one season in 2019. Neon tops have been seen all over fashion weeks, in street-style and everyday clothes of every celebrity. One thing that has been particularly distinctive is bike shorts. Designers continue including them into every runway show. Rihanna has come with her own new version of bike shorts in her first launch of Fenty clothing line. The most eye-catching tandem is bike shorts together with a linen or cotton shirt with long sleeves (or, maybe, silk?). It was all over Roberto Cavalli, Fendi, and Jacquemus collections. Prada designers recommend you to combine simple plain camel-color bike shorts with a fancy top.

Pleated everything

This season is said to be romantic and chic. Pleats have made their long path to the runways, and they are very different in shapes and sizes! Sure, pleated midi skirts are always a lewk, but what about pleated tops and upper parts of the dress: sleeves, neck, and chest? For instance, in new Valentino collection, pleats all over the dress resemble a fan, and Givenchy made an ethereal wing out of the pleats in their iconic 2019 dress.

Handmade openwork and macramé

Handwoven dresses, bags, and even sandals are in as ever. White, sandy, and sea foam colors prevail. For example, during London fashion week, key trends of the season were knitted parts of the dress, sleeves, or the hemline. Fishnets and quilted cardigans are popular, just like they used to be in the nineties. After loud and rather artificial 2000s, we finally come back to using more natural and eco-friendly materials of toned down or muted colors. (Divorced women online sure know how to quilt. If you are a man, order yourself some hand-made pieces from these beauties!)

Laced goddess

Lacing, which is often associated with romantic mood and feminine nature, is in again. Alexander Wang even included this element into sport-chic style. Lacing used to be trendy in late 2013, but today we say no-no to artificial neoprene and guipure fabric and come back to more expensive and vintage woolen and linen lacing.

The 80s all the way!

In summer 2019, all the stores are filled up with bright colors, Kiss and Iron Maiden shirts, as well as prints with 80’s cartoons and series. Thick denim is now in shirts, skirts, jackets, jeans, and even dresses. And the wide shoulders. Of course, the wide shoulders!

Prints and logos

It has been a minute since brand names took incredible force in the fashion industry. Now, if you own some money, you can afford Fendi or Gucci print, but if you’re broke, you better stick with a neutral palette or vivid colors but don’t buy the dupes; it kind of defeats the purpose of a logo.

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