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The best unconventional ways to go on holiday

Everyone looks for something different when they go on holiday. Some seek excitement in adventure tourism, whether it be mountain biking, cliff diving, parachuting or some other adrenaline rush. On the flip side, other holidaymakers choose relaxed experiences where they can turn off in the sun without the need to do chores or housework.

Alternatively, some individuals choose to pick holidays which are quirky or unique, searching for that once-in-a-lifetime moment of clarity where everything is perfect. In this short guide, we are going to look at some unconventional holiday and travel methods you can use. Whilst some of these options will simply get you to your holiday destination in a unique way, others will offer entirely unique experiences in themselves, making both the travel and the holiday itself memorable.

For the Glamorous – Luxury Train Travel

Almost everyone enjoys luxury travel. There’s something irresistibly enjoyable about being pampered and cared for without a worry in the world, particularly for those of us who rarely get to experience a luxury lifestyle.

If this sounds like you then luxury train travel is a great option. There is a range of different high-end train journeys you can book around the globe, each arriving in wildly different destinations and offering unique experiences or amenities. Despite this, most luxury train travel follows the same theme. The train carriages are large, open and comfortable, focusing on stability rather than speed. Most of these experiences also come complete with a dedicated dining room carriage where you are waited on, as in a professional restaurant, alongside lavishly decorated private rooms and beds.

Wherever you’re visiting, there is sure to be a luxury train travel experience available nearby, all it takes is a little additional research.

For the Eclectic – Cruise Ship Travel

Also offering an element of luxury and relaxation, cruise ships are another great unconventional way of travelling the globe. In particular, cruise ship holidays are suited to those who like or need to cater to a range of different tastes and experiences. Due to their size and specification, cruise ships are usually home to a lot of passengers and families, meaning that they need to keep everyone entertained and engaged.

Due to this, a cruise is a great holiday choice if you want to experience many things at once whilst simultaneously being pampered and cared for by the staff. From on-ship dance clubs to surf machines, cruise ships have almost everything you could need. Plus, when the ship docks for supplies, you can visit a new country and experience its culture, too.

For the Adventurous – Caravanning

Our final suggestion is tailored to those who enjoy spontaneous and unplanned experiences. Caravan holidays, whether in a static holiday park caravan or in a touring caravan that you are towing or driving, can provide a range of unique and memorable holiday moments. By giving you an easy and often portable residence, you have the power to go and explore wherever and whatever you choose during your getaway or break.

Many become concerned about the comfort of caravans, asking how to keep their caravan warm on winter nights or wondering whether there will be enough space. The truth is that caravans vary greatly in specification, from huge glamorous static options to more quaint and cosy touring choices. The best advice to give is to investigate your options and find the best choice that suits your holiday needs. Considering caravan holidays offer both freedom and affordability, it’s hard to ignore them as a great option.

Hopefully, these ideas will have inspired you and given you some great ideas for your next holiday escape. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a year-long sabbatical, take your time planning your break and you’re sure to get the most out of it.

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