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Time-saving kitchen appliances every millennial should own

Each new generation has given its own contribution to what we consider “the contemporary kitchen”. Millennials, of course, are no exception and you can rest assured that the modern-day cooking area wouldn’t be the same without their unique and extensive influence. Despite the fact that this generation is somewhat an outdoors generation that prefers dining in restaurants, they still know their way around the kitchen.

Often limited by the size of their kitchens and inspired by the minimalist style when it comes to their home décor, the intriguing millennial generation has come up with a whole new style of food preparation. This new style of cooking goes hand-in-hand with time-saving kitchen appliances that every single millennial wants to have in their own collection.

Programmable pressure cookers

Millennials are all about healthy food – something that is a result of the entire wellness trend that dominates their culture. Although pressure cooking has been around for a while now, it has never been as widely accepted (to the point of being default) as it is today. The best thing about pressure cookers? Using water in a sealed vessel with little or no unhealthy additives to produce healthy meals is what millennials greatly appreciate.

The second best thing about programmable pressure cookers? Not having to bother adjusting the pressure – like so many other practical and time-saving millennial solutions, programmable pressure cookers are automated to adjust the pressure on their own. These neat gadgets will leave you actually wanting to cook!

Indoor barbecue grills

The American barbecue fascination has evolved into a popular trend, bringing all those BBQ styles to the world’s dining table. In the past couple of decades, the US-styled grill has travelled around the globe, filling the hearts and tummies of many. Although the electric barbecue grills do produce much less smoke than the typical, non-electric sets, the indoor versions emit significantly less smoke, so you don’t have to bother taking the batteries out of those smoke detectors every time you want to “fire up” the electric grill inside. With this appliance, millennials can enjoy a tasty and healthy grilled feast anytime they want.

Rice cookers/warmers

Rice can be a part of almost any delicious meal you can think of. Much healthier than other starchy foods, such as bread, pastries and the like, rice is a perfectly unavoidable part of most millennial homes. The quickest, easiest way to cook or warm up your rice-inspired meals is by using a modern rice cooker or warmer. They come with everything from timers to reheat options, so no matter if you’re fan of brown, white or sushi rice, this device is a must in your home.

Modern dishwashers

The dishwashers have been around for a long, long time now, but the innovations are sprouting as if it were invented last year. So, what are the main criteria and technical specifications that can help you decide which dishwasher to purchase? Washing pots and pans seems to be easier than ever. Modern dishwashers are equipped with LCD displays and feature a low-profile, stylish design or the timeless stainless steel finish. They also bring a multitude of advanced washing and sanitizing options, which makes them one of the essentials in the millennial kitchen.

Smart cutting boards

Have you ever wondered how a smart cutting board would look like or even function? Well, a smart, foldable cutting board will make you forget all about scraping contents from one surface to another by allowing you to effortlessly transfer cut contents from the counter to a pot. This is a simple, efficient and effortless way to slice and dice in style.

Advanced blenders

Millennials are known for their desire and need for deliciously healthy smoothies! They simply love pouring their healthy, vitamin-rich fruits and veggies into a cup and not having to bother with cooking or eating them raw. This is why a great number of millennial households are equipped with a kitchen appliance that can chop, whip, mix, blend and knead food. However, an advanced blender can also steam, emulsify, stir, weigh, heat and much more. Such a quick, multifunctional way of preparing food will delight every millennial.

Smart graters

There’s another smart appliance on the list that will make millennial cooking easier. If you aren’t a fan of shedding tears over garlic or spending too much time on mincing ginger, you should definitely smart up your grater. A smart grater is not only small, practical and efficient, but it also doesn’t make a mess and keeps everything evenly grated.

Robot vacuums

After you’re done with meal preparation in your medium- to small-sized kitchen, it would be awesome to have somebody else clean up the mess for you. Somebody, or something! A robot vacuum is a useful and time-saving tool for cleaning up after your kitchen adventure. You’ll be able to relax after a delicious meal without worrying about cleaning a crumb or two.

The millennial way of cooking needs to be quick, efficient and, above everything else, healthy! Equipping your kitchen with these appliances will make your food preparation truly enjoyable.

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