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Tips on saving money on Leiebil Spania

Crossing Spain by car is a unique experience. This country has it all – stunning nature, fashionable destinations, but also places for ‘ordinary’ people who enjoy a good time, food, and a relaxed atmosphere by the sea.

Depending on which side you go to, you can enjoy the picturesque scenery along the Atlantic or the Mediterranean. Tourists mostly visit famous destinations that can be easily reached by bus. But if you want to leave the city or go to some less popular places like hidden vineyards in Andalusia or remote Atlantic beaches, a self-drive is the right choice for you.

Here is the list of must-see sites in Spain:

Early Booking Benefits

The crucial tip for renting a car in Spain is to book it in advance. This way, you will get the best deals and the widest choice of vehicles. Plus, you’ll be sure that a car will wait for you as soon as you arrive.

Another thing to do is to avoid renting a car during peak times. Also, one-way rentals can be costly. Some companies add a drop fee onto the base rental price, which can add a considerable amount to the total costs. Simply, many companies overprice their one-way vehicles, allowing them to remain profitable.

Opt for Economy or Compact Cars

The vehicle size is an essential factor in a rental price. A small car will have low horsepower, meaning lower fuel consumption and cheaper maintenance. These come in handy for single travelers and city rides. Of course, you could go on a road trip, but keep in mind that lack of space often means lack of comfort.

You’ll still need a vehicle with enough power to cover some demanding roads. These are handy for mountain trips and offroad adventures. Yet, compact cars are great for small villages with narrow and steep streets.

Use Comparison Websites

In Spain, car rental is often cheap. Still, you should shop around to get the best deal. You must be aware of all fees and possible hidden costs. You can find this information by comparing several rental companies and reading their reviews. You can always call them for more details. Excellent customer service is a plus.

Before making a reservation, you must know the rental company’s fuel policy. Some providers will give you a full tank, while others require you to return the vehicle with low fuel. Always read the small prints in the rental agreement before signing. Check this article for more tips on hassle-free road trip in Spain.

Shop Around for Insurance

Keep in mind that insurance is the largest portion of the price you pay for a rental vehicle. Rental companies won’t always offer standard coverage but costly policies that can be pretty expensive.

Also, some companies will hit you hard with hidden costs if you don’t inquire about them. For example, they’ll charge you with insurance on multiple drivers. To avoid these costs, always look for agencies with all-inclusive insurance with full coverage. It gives you peace of mind and is worth a few extra dollars.

Avoid Toll Roads

A good way to save money on car rental in Spain is to drive in the most efficient way possible. Check if there are tolls on the road and avoid those routes. You can always find free alternatives. If GPS can’t help you, you can always ask friendly locals for directions.

Check Company’s Location

As seen on Leiebilguiden-Spania, some agencies have offices throughout the country, including the major cities and international airports. Renting a car there is convenient but costly. So, if you’re not in a hurry, get a taxi to the nearest town and shop around for the best rental car deal.

Also, choosing a car rental closer to the tourist destination won’t save you a lot of money. Sure, you’ll find that option convenient, as the car will be delivered directly to you. But many times, going just a few blocks away can save you a lot.

By shopping around and booking your car several months in advance, you’ll have more options. With a proper vehicle and responsible drive, you can save a great deal of money. That means you can spend more on other pleasures that will make your tour memorable.

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