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7 tips to boost your hair shine naturally

Shiny hair? For some people it’s something natural. For others, only a desire. Several reasons stand in the way of having a healthy lustrous hair. For some, taking a deep in the salty water for a swim is the whole reason their hair is dry and unhealthy. Others just have to deal with humidity, heat, product build-up, among other factors. Luckily for anyone, hair shine is something that can be naturally achieved from home, without needing the help of a hair stylist or a bunch of hair products to get there. Here is a compilation of seven great tips that will help boost your hair shine naturally, giving you a natural mane to brag with all season around:

Know when to shampoo your hair

As a rule of thumb, you should avoid over-shampooing your hair. Most shampoos have sulfates in them, which strip off all the essential oils in your hair, leaving it drier and less shiny than before. Therefore, as much as you love to wash it, make sure you are not always shampooing in generous quantity.

For every shampoo, ensure you thoroughly rinse out the product. You can opt to spice up the process by using vinegar for your final rinse, for that extra shine.

Wash your hair the right way

Your hair strands tend to get weaker when wet, which is why the way you wash your hair matters. For one, before using any shampoo, consider rinsing out your hair with water alone. Then, in using shampoo, ensure that your scalp gets a massage, as you work the shampoo to the ends of your hair.

Be careful as you dry your hair

If you are too vigorous with the drying process, you won’t only experience breakage but also reduce the natural shine of your hair. Take your time to soak out the excess water from your hair with a clean, soft t-shirt as opposed to a towel that will be harsher.

Massage your scalp with vitamin E

Your scalp requires a paramount attention if at all your hair will be lustrous as you want it to be. Using oils that are rich in vitamin E, or simply getting vitamin E capsules can help boost the state of your scalp, and inevitably that of your hair. Remember that as your pre-shampoo massage your scalp with vitamin E, you are increasing the circulation of air and blood in your scalp, which is essential for better hair growth.

Deep condition your hair

For your hair to be shiny, it is also about the moisture it has in it. Deep conditioning is excellent for restoring moisture in your hair while replenishing the strands. Right after your wash, notice that your hair is already shinier than before, because of the moisture you have restored. Now, to trap in the moisture and encourage your hair strands to soak up a lot more of it, you need to deep condition. You can use deep conditioners right off from the beauty store.

You can even consider a glossing conditioner. Remember, if you are a curly-haired person, you may need to leave on a little more conditioner than other people. The reason is that your hair may have a hard time spreading out the natural oils throughout your hair, and therefore, a conditioner would be great. While at it, be sure to increase your intake of water to keep both your skin and scalp properly hydrated.

Hot oil treatments

An oil treatment goes a long way in keeping your hair healthy, also lustrous. Ideally, all you need is a simple mixture of some essential oils, for example, olive, coconut, argan oil, among others. Be sure to start with just a small amount, because finer hair will immediately get very greasy with too much quantity.

Use a natural-bristle hairbrush

As for the maintenance part, you will need to own a natural-bristle hairbrush. The thing with these brushes is that they are great at fetching natural oils from the roots of your hair and spreading it evenly on the rest of your mane, hence promoting natural gloss and shine.

Any type of hair can be shinier, fuller and healthier than ever, as long as it is given the proper care. Now that you know how to get your hair shine naturally, learn more about how to get the perfect hair cut here,, by considering the best hair clippers in the market.

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