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Top tips for staying healthy this winter

Winter is coming and it is approaching fast. While Autumn and Winter are beautiful months, they are usually also the time of year when people seem to get sick a lot. But fear not because there are steps that you can take to minimize your risk of getting sick this winter. Here, we are going to give you our best tips and tricks, that you can incorporate into your daily or weekly routine, in order to boost your immune system.

1. Sleep well and de-stress

It sounds too good to be true but an adequate amount of sleep actually plays a major role in maintaining a healthy immune system. A rested body is a healthy body. Keeping your stress level at a minimum will also help your immune system stay strong and ready to fight off the germs. However, it can sometimes be quite hard to stay stress free – especially if you have a demanding job. Try to incorporate a small yoga or breathing meditation routine into your day to release tension and stay relaxed and grounded.

2. Create a sustainable exercise routine

Exercise is great for your body and overall physical and mental health. Try to incorporate movement into your daily routine by taking the stairs instead of the elevator, riding a bike instead of taking the car, and going for a light walk before bedtime. Go outside at every chance you get and soak up the sun’s rays, which will give you a vitamin D boost even in Winter. Stretch or do a bit of yoga throughout the day. Stretching gets your blood flowing and gives you an energy boost.

3. Drink plenty of water

We all know that water is important and that we should drink plenty of it. Start your day with a tall glass of water and remember to drink throughout the day and before and after exercising. Staying well hydrated helps your body stay healthy.

4. Get those veggies in

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We all know that vegetables are great for your body and an essential part of a healthy, balanced diet, but did you also know that those tasty little colours of the rainbow can play a crucial part in staying healthy in the colder months? A plant-based diet is all the rage these days with celebs such as Joaquin Phoenix and Natalie Portman telling us how a plant-based diet does wonders for the body as well as the mind, helping you to stay focused and on point.

A healthy, balanced diet also plays a huge role in the lives and training regimes of professional athletes and their diet can influence their performance in a big way. A poor diet can result in less than optimum restitution of the muscles and tissue and a general decrease in performance ability. So, diet is key to a stellar performance, and many top players in the NFL, with Tom Brady as the forerunner, have actually switched to a primarily plant-based diet because of the health benefits it gives them. All the vitamins and minerals present in plants also increase muscular restitution and aid in better digestion, thus fostering better sleep patterns, which in turn also has a positive effect on performance.

Even players in such sports as chess and poker have realised the importance of staying healthy, fit, and active in order to increase their ability to concentrate in those long games. Even if you are not a top-notch athlete, vegetables and fruit are packed full of nutrients and vitamins, which is exactly what your body needs this winter.

5. Relax

Winter is cold and dark, and it can sometimes be hard to convince yourself to do something. Luckily, winter is also the perfect time to just stay in, curl up under the blankets, and read a book or catch up on your favourite Netflix series. Drink some hot chocolate or a good cup of tea and just relax. Especially if you do feel a cold coming on, relaxing and treating yourself is the best way to take care of your body.

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