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The ultimate anti depression workout plan for this season

We all know that exercise is good for your body. It helps you burn those calories, stay fit, be strong and improves your health. However, did you know that it is also effective when it comes to fighting depression and anxiety? When you have depression, working out is probably the last thing on your mind.

After all, just trying to find the strength in you to roll out of bed can be exhausting and overwhelming. Nevertheless, if you give it a chance, you might learn to use exercise as a powerful tool to make yourself feel better. In fact, studies show that working out can treat mild to moderate depression as effectively as antidepressant medication.

What is even better, exercising has no side-effects, except maybe sore muscles.

But how does physical activity make you feel better? It is a powerful depression fighter because it promotes feelings of calm and well-being. In addition, exercise releases endorphins, the hormones of happiness, that energize your spirits and make you feel good.

Finally, a good workout can serve as a distraction and help you break out of the cycle of negative thoughts that feed depression. If you are willing to use exercise as a weapon in fighting depression, here are several exercises you might want to try.

Hit the pavement

Cardio exercises are on top of the list of workouts that help fight depression. Have you ever heard about runner’s high? It is a feeling of euphoria runners experience when they cross a certain threshold of exertion, and this happens due to the release of endorphins. These hormones act as the body’s natural morphine and produce a sense of joy.

Therefore, consider running for 30 minutes several days a week and see how it affects you.

You don’t need to turn into a Jusein Bolt, since there is no direct link between the intensity level of the exercise and its emotional benefit. Just try moving more and do things at your own pace. If you want to boost your athletic performance and stay protected during your training, find compression shorts that suit your needs. This garment is breathable and lightweight and will make your exercise far more pleasant.

Work those muscles

Some people who suffer from depression have found that a strength training program helps them reduce symptoms of the illness. This type of exercise is all about mastery and control and requires full attention and concentration. It helps you stay more in control of your thoughts and body, whilst seeing the result of your efforts creates a sense of accomplishment. If you are not good with money at the moment, turn on YouTube, find resistance bands and start your days with exercises.

Do yoga

Even studies show that yoga helps decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety! This eastern discipline has a wonderful antidepressant effect and breaks up repetitive negative thoughts.

It is no wonder that a lot of people use yoga to manage problems such as stress, anxiety, and depression. It helps you fight stress, improves your mood, boosts your brainpower by calming and centering the nervous system. However, yoga works only if you do it properly, so consider enrolling in a class in your area so you can be sure that you’re doing the movements correctly.

Walk around the neighborhood

Depression can cause people to become sedentary, and if this is the case, walking every day can help you ease into your new workout routine. The best thing about this aerobic exercise is that it’s suited for almost everyone, and the only thing you need is a pair of comfortable shoes. Take baby steps, put one foot in front of the other and see where it takes you.

It is funny how sometimes the simplest things in life can help us feel much better.
Exercise can be a powerful depression fighter but starting with a workout routine can be overwhelming. Therefore, set realistic goals, listen to your body, tailor your workout plan to your own needs and abilities, and instead of thinking of physical activity as a chore look at it as one of the tools to help you get better.

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