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View advertisements and earn money’. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Not anymore.

This particular dream has been given life in the form of Social Add World, which has been described as a platform ideal for home-based earning. A world spread phenomenon, Social Add World offers its users a way to earn money simply by sharing and watching a number of advertisements daily. Users register their accounts on the platform and simply need to own an android phone or a computer to set themselves up.

The vision of Social Add World is to become a well reputed, well known, widespread internet phenomenon that is trusted and relied upon by thousands of aspiring business owners, housewives, and students to earn their buck. It seeks to aid wage earners by creating new opportunities by using social media and ultimately supplementing the economic sustainability of these individuals.

The mission is broken down into five parts. First, Social Add World seeks to give advertisers a platform to promote their own businesses. Second, it plans on enabling these advertisers to put up advertisements for other aspiring business owners. Third, it seeks to be a technological platform with positive, aggressive growth, which is secure and scalable. Fourth, Social Add World app aspires to be the social media platform which allows its community to engage in a social collaboration of sorts, whereby individuals will be able to share their thoughts, likes, reviews and sharing. Last, but not the very least, the aspiring platform seeks to be a one-stop medium which prioritizes privacy and keeps the identities of all individuals and business owners under wraps and strictly confidential.

Social Add World operates in a number of ways. First up is digital marketing, which is the marketing of various products and services via a plethora of digital technologies. The main outlet is the Internet but it also includes advertisements on cell phones through SMS, display advertising and many other digital mediums of advertisement.

Another one of their operations is YouTube advertising, which is essentially video advertising. This involves online display advertisements which are available on the internet and are usually made up of short one to two-minute videos. These tend to be engrossing and capture attention on large scales. Nevertheless, in this case, the advertisements will be restricted to strictly YouTube and won’t be displayed on any other platform.

The third way in which it operates is through the use of social media. Social media marketing employs the use of various social media platforms in order to give a marketing boosts to products and services. Furthermore, it also a way to encourage engagement in the business community. It provides individuals and businesses with an excellent platform to interact with one another online.

The last of Social Add World’s operations is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is kind of a performance-based marketing. A business which engages in it rewards its affiliates (these can be more than one) for every single customer that has been brought in due to the affiliate’s individual marketing efforts.

There are many sources available to earn from. One of the ways to earn money is through Google AdSense. This method employed by many bloggers and YouTubers by putting up advertisements in their videos or on their websites in articles and product reviews. One of the benefits one has from using Social Add World is that all advertisements are located in one source so there isn’t any hassle involved in the process.

Social Add World is also associated with Flipkart, which is an online shopping store boasting a wide range of products ranging from clothes to electronic devices. Flipkart makes use of affiliate links, where affiliates earn up to 5 to 10% from the sale that they make.

Social Add World also offers a variety of feature projects. One of these is their ‘bid to recharge’ where the company returns up to 2 to 3% recharge commission for the individuals that are involved in the project. Another one of these is their ‘deal2win’ which involves the placing of bids and buying bids, with an end result of various individuals winning products ranging from cars to a mobile phone.

Social Add World offers a number of referral plans. The sign up to Social add world registration is free at, and there are a total of two referral plans. These are self-income and team ad income. Social Add World gives 30 Indian Rupees ($0.5) as their sign up bonus for any of these. A recent change in rules means that they give 6 Indian Rupees for watching a total of 20 ads every day. Their referral income goes up to the 7 levels and level corresponds to a fixed amount for example, at the 7th level expected income in Indian rupees is 900,000. There are various ways to redeem the income you have earned: PayPal, bank transfer and B2R App transfer.

Social Add World is a wonderful earning opportunity for people who are looking to make money quick and easy. Welcome to Social Add World!

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